Xiaoyi: Chu Zhanfeng visited the checkpoint of the expressway for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

On the fifth day of the New Year, Chu Zhanfeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of The CPC, visited the members of the veterans’ volunteer service team at the frontline of epidemic prevention and control at the checkpoint of the expressway, and sent them gifts of sympathy and New Year’s greetings.City leaders details about high-speed mouth check the site daily control, traffic flow, human and material support, and so on and so forth, carefully check the passing vehicles and code register, identity check, check body temperature, and so on and so forth, and friendly exchanges with people on-the-job unattended, told everyone pay attention to keep warm warm, reasonable arrangement of shift work, completes the personal protection,On the basis of ensuring their own health and safety, relevant units and departments should continue to strengthen daily supplies and heating and care for frontline epidemic prevention personnel.Stressed that the intersection is the “first line of defense” epidemic prevention and control, is an important barrier to prevent the outbreak of input, the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, veteran volunteer service team is to continue to hold position is the escort xiaoyi people, play the instinctive quality of veterans, show the veterans, strict careful to do a good job of screening to detect foreign and home,We will improve and optimize the testing process, maintain normal traffic order, ensure that no car or person is missed, and resolutely import the epidemic to ensure the life, health and safety of people in the city.(Reporter/Wang Juanjuan and Wang Tiancheng) Source: Xiaoyi Rong Media

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