A Chinese New Year garden tour organized by a group in the Lhasa Garrison Area of Tibet was a lot of fun

China Xizang net news “golden ox head singing, jade tiger spring convergence blessing.”A regiment of the Lhasa Garrison Command in Tibet held a colorful garden tour to make officers and soldiers feel the warm atmosphere of the Festival while staying at their posts and enjoy a happy, peaceful and fulfilling Spring Festival.The picture shows the organization of tug-of-war competition “Go, go…”As the referee ordered, the field team launched a round of fierce competition, each officer and soldiers have fully developed the spirit of unity, courageously, hard work.The event set up a “tug of war, the blind gong, pitching activity, happy ring, carp jump, darts balloons, snack street” and other activities, the scene in full swing, thronged, officers and soldiers entered enthusiastically, laughter echoed in the whole event, also added a to the New Year the taste of happiness.”Where are you, my gong?”The blind men not only tested their memory and emergency judgment ability, but also made them experience the happiness of the festival.The picture shows what gets in the balloon game set to see who is the real ring king and who can return home with a full load.The picture is a balloon game people eat, so how little festive lively scene to eat?It is understood that the “snack street” with a total of egg tarts, lupus potato, barbecue, small crisp meat, fresh meat cake, ice sugar gourd, roast mutton string and more than a dozen snacks made by officers and men.Officers and men and to team family members and military children shuttle back and forth in each “store” between, enjoy the “tip of the tongue on the delicious”.Officers and soldiers and their families each in the garden activities, by virtue of their own strength won the prize they want, before leaving all full of goods.”I used to spend the Spring Festival at home, but this is the first time I spend the Spring Festival in the army without my family. I feel a little homesick, but the army has organized many wonderful and joyful activities, which make me feel at home,” said Wu Kui, a new recruit.It is reported that in the next step, the regiment will continue to carry out a series of cultural activities to create a peaceful and warm Spring Festival cultural atmosphere for officers and soldiers, and help officers and their families have a good year in the barracks.(China Xizang network correspondent/Qunzong Laosang Cicheng Fu Ping Kai He Qiting Di Wu Kui) Source: China Xizang network

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