Haste and confusion are also a different kind of “completeness” of our youth

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I asked my husband if I could get him a gift, and he, as usual, refused without asking what it was.No accident, he is always like this, he gave me a gift, never ask me, like it or not, he seems to care more about, his mind is whether I can receive, I will surprise.It’s like this year’s anniversary, he suddenly came back from Beijing.It was a surprise. It was scary.I actually forgot about the date.I actually want to buy a set of books, reluctant to buy their own, a little hesitant.Brush the video brush fu Seoul in the bizarre said some of her remarks, suddenly like this round woman.So I searched her work to see.I wanted to buy a set of all her works, but I thought I had some books on my hands, so I could read her when THERE was a shortage.So I added to the cart but didn’t buy it.Finally, I found her work in “Wechat Reading”, so I began to read it day and night.Concave-convex Relativity, which is only available in a pilot edition, is only 45 pages long, and it seems to me that it’s Two people, Seoul Fu and Wuthers, trying to solve similar problems from a man’s and a woman’s point of view.After all, it’s only 45 pages, and there’s no deeper experience.Night after day, I read this book “Youth is a Hasty book, we read and reread in tears.” The title alone brings back many memories for people my age.I am that kind of person, used to put their layers wrapped up, first to feel the temperature of each other’s heart, then slowly release the heat in their body.However, when I release to the other person, I demand the same “loyalty” from him, so I often hurt myself.My best friend from high school, maybe I should call her “best friend,” because they didn’t have that word back then.Pedal three boats, I was very dislike such behavior, always will “preach” her, such behavior is wrong.When that didn’t work, I reported her real boyfriend.I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, but I thought, we’re good friends, we can’t let her go the wrong way, and her boyfriend is my good friend, so I have to remind you.Maybe in my opinion, I’m loyal, I’m doing what’s best for my friend.But, at that age, how could she understand? As a result, they broke up and I lost friends.After going to work, made this mistake again, in a very good female colleague, accidentally, found that she was with a married husband together.Or maybe she didn’t want to hide from me anymore.Anyway, I found out, and THEN, for days, I kept telling her to let go, to leave, not to hurt that man’s innocent wife and child.Later, I also advised a cheating woman, to think clearly, divorce this road is not easy to go…Now think about it, I was really “two”.Gradually, I came to understand that everyone has different views and ways to treat feelings, and it is not good to be too obsessed with others or yourself.This “youth is a hasty book, we read and read again in tears” I really like and read into the story of two girls grew up together, a regular, step-by-step growth, innocent and honest, love kindness;A maverick, selfish, desperate for material things.Two people, it seems, are the two struggling selves inside of us, and most of us will eventually reconcile ourselves to a loving, good side, and some of us, to self-destruction.

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