Is it dangerous if the tires are not aligned after parking

I believe that many friends in learning driver’s license have heard the coach said such a word: after parking the car must let the tire back, or it will cause damage to the car.But it is certain that many friends are unaware of why, do not know why parking tires back and not back to the car will cause what damage.Today xiaobian for you to talk about why parking must be back to the tire.Xiaobian has consulted a lot of information on the Internet, including zhihu, a high-quality question-and-answer platform on the Internet, and they generally believe that parking without returning to the right direction generally causes problems in three aspects: steering, tires and suspension.First is the tire, as the object in direct contact with the ground, the tire bears all the weight of the vehicle, when the tire is back, the tire is thick part of the tread contact with the ground, but if the direction is not back, the tire force point becomes part of the tread shoulder.Shoulder force for a long time will bring a lot of pressure to the tire side wall, and the tire wall is often the fragile part of the tire, unilateral wall pressure is too large, will cause tire deformation.The wheel may be deformed at low speed does not have much impact, but once on the high speed, a deformed tire will become a bomb that can be detonated at any time, posing a serious threat to driving safety.The second thing that is affected is the steering system. If the steering wheel does not return to the right position when parking, the wheel will drag the steering lever and cannot return to the right position. At the same time, the gear of the steering wheel and the rack of the steering lever are also under stress.Over time can cause these parts accelerated aging or deformation, once the deformation may cause the vehicle running deviation, will cause the eccentric wear of the tire and the third is the automobile suspension system, under the condition of the wheel is back, four suspension force is uniform, but when the steering wheel is not back, many models of the wheel will be a Angle, the stress of the suspension.And the elastic pillar part of the suspension, rubber sleeve and some rubber cushion suspension system in a deformation state for a long time, will cause the suspension wear deformation, suspension deformation after all kinds of problems will come, such as abnormal sound, and such as more easy to overturn in extreme cases.In addition, the direction does not return to positive there is a potential harm, some nerve relatively large owners, in the next drive before often will not notice the direction is not back to positive, a foot throttle down is likely to scrape the next vehicle.Does China teach parking with flat tires?Because the slope of the road environment in The United States is quite large, if the car owner puts the tire back on the right after parking the car, a careless forgetting of the handbrake or mechanical failure of the handbrake will cause safety risks to the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles.Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, there is such a course in the Driving school in the United States, the owner needs to pay attention to the situation on the road after parking, if there is a slope of the road, the steering wheel needs to make corresponding adjustments.For example, if it is uphill, the steering wheel should be turned to the left;In downhill, the steering wheel should be played to the right (limited to right-driving countries), so that the vehicle can be blocked by the curb when slipping, to prevent it from causing further damage to the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles.Compared with the tire does not return, this parking way is more harmful is half parked on the curb, half on the road, such a long time stop not only has an impact on the tire suspension, and even the overall structure of the body will be slightly deformed.

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