Man found girlfriend and strange man call, query girlfriend is who, girlfriend scared to cry

A relationship needs many things, one of the most important is loyalty to each other.At least to ensure the feelings of the unique, it is possible to pay wholeheartedly, to be able to go smoothly.No third party is allowed. If someone has two minds, he will be found out sooner or later and suffer the consequences.This relationship of course also can’t go to the end.Recently, a video of a man Shouting at his girlfriend on the street went viral, attracting a large number of netizens’ attention and heated discussion.The video shows the man holding up a lit mobile phone and Shouting at the woman opposite him, both dressed in black: “Come on, who is he?Say it! I would have picked up if you hadn’t!I’ll give him a good scolding, say it! ‘The woman was pushed and shoved by the man, already in tears, but could not say a word of defense, she broke down in tears, let the man angry, the other phone continued to call, but neither of them to pay attention to him.What could have happened that made a man so angry at a woman in the street?The original video of the man and woman are in a relationship, two people together of the time also not short, since and his girlfriend together happy every day, his girlfriend cute character is gentle, let him bubble is in the honeypot, with the passage of time his feelings towards his girlfriend is also more and more deep, heart even want a lifetime together with his girlfriend,I want to get married with her.But what he did not discover is that his girlfriend actually did not imagine so love him, as early as a long time ago to his dissatisfaction, but has not been open, this let the man think his girlfriend does not mind his shortcomings.Man into the feelings of the more and more deep, but love is always around she already has a new move objects, while dating her boyfriend to go shopping, and chatting with another person like ambiguous, just didn’t think of a rollover day come so fast, not to mention break up was found her boyfriend, her boyfriend unexpectedly lost his temper, to frighten the woman couldn’t say a word.As soon as the video was posted online, it quickly went viral and the woman’s actions were unsurprisingly condemned by many netizens.Someone thought the man was too excited: “The man is still too young, why, be decent, we get together and part well, seriously you will lose.””It is inappropriate to expect everyone to pay attention to love,” another lamented.But many were reluctant to believe the story was true: ‘I can’t believe you were right on camera when the couple was fighting. There was no script. I’d be lying, don’t take it too seriously.The author’s opinion, it must be the woman is wrong, since together, certainly can’t renege on cheating, don’t want to break up together directly, between two ship no matter at what time will have been spurned, this is not a good thing, one thousand accident consequence is unbearable, affection is not a game, each other pay a sincere, only use treat wholeheartedly is the most appropriate,This is good for both people, not true love why together?The truth hurts both of you. Honesty and respect lead to the true love of your life and a partner who walks side by side.We are all adults, say the words should be responsible, commitment can not easily promise, down-to-earth, sincere feelings is the right way to open.There must be no third party in this matter. An evil thought hurt three people, and no one ate good fruit in the end.What do you think of the quarrel between the two men?

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