Recent high hair!Doctor: Be careful of these people, or they may stay in bed

“It rained all the time during the Spring Festival, and one night we treated four patients who slipped and fell.”Ningbo City Medical Center Li Huili Hospital orthopedic doctor Bi Mingguang reminded in moments of friends.He told reporters that currently there are seven elderly people living in the ward, all caused by falls, of which four broke the neck of femur, one fractured the patella of knee, and two fractured the humerus of hand.A few days ago, a 69-year-old woman surnamed Qi went out in the rain. The stone road outside her door was wet. She slipped and landed on her hip.She was taken by her family to Li Huili Hospital, ningbo Medical Center, where she was found to have a fractured femoral neck that required surgery.This makes her very chagrin: “slip like this, unexpectedly need hospital operation!””A fall in a young person is nothing more than a heart attack or stroke, which can range from breaking a bone to bedridden.”Bi mingguang explained that most of the elderly have osteoporosis, minor violent impact will appear fracture, the most common is femoral neck fracture.Once femoral neck fracture occurs, even after surgery, it is necessary to stay in bed for a long time, which greatly increases the risk of venous thrombosis, pendulous pneumonia, bedsores and so on, making the health of the elderly take a turn for the worse.The reporter learned in the interview, the recent rain and snow weather, not a few elderly people slip, most of them in their 70s.Some people, like Aunt Qi, accidentally slip on the slippery floor, while others have neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.”Excruciating pain, shortening of the injured limb, and immobility are the main symptoms of a femur fracture.””For patients with a history of osteoporosis or the elderly, it is recommended to go to a hospital after a fracture,” Bi suggested.”It’s also important not to get up after a fall.He reminded, first check the body joints, there is no severe pain.Wrist and ankle fractures, although the pain is obvious, but most of them can barely move, the injured area can be temporarily fixed with books, cardboard shells, wooden strips, and immediately go to a nearby hospital for treatment.If you feel pain in your lower back, try not to move.After thoracolumbar fracture, random movement may cause fracture block displacement, compression of nerves, and in severe cases may lead to lower limb paralysis.Do not immediately blindly to drag, pull, carry, hold the injured, but should immediately call for help, by professional medical personnel for assistance.”If you have to move the victim, don’t bend, twist or move too much, but move slowly in one line.”Bi mingguang has four suggestions for the elderly to prevent falls: 1. Keep your hands out of your pockets and keep your balance outside.2. Lean forward slightly when walking, like skiing;3, when walking feet apart, shoulder width, so that the chassis is large, the center of gravity is stable;Walk stride should be small, stride easy to fall.Source: Ningbo Evening News

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