Xu Gang, the former vice president of the Marketing Department of China Mobile, earns 880,000 yuan as the president of Dreamnet Technology, one million yuan less than his deputy

On January 25, Dreamnet Technology issued a statement to clarify matters related to the fraudulent software named “Dreamnet Technology”, and said that the company has not issued the APP and is not suspected of fraud.The incident has also drawn attention to Dreamnet, as well as dreamnet’s current president xu Gang, the operator Caijing, tried to uncover the secrets.Xu Gang was born in 1972 and is 50 years old.Xu Gang studied in Xidian University for his master’s degree and South China University of Technology for his doctor’s degree.He is now the general manager of Dreamnet Technologies.Founded in 2001, Dreamnet technology focuses on mobile communication services and is the leading cloud communication service provider in China, providing enterprises with a full range of cloud communication services.Prior to joining Dreamnet, Xu worked at Guangdong Mobile, where he worked for 16 years.In August 2012 He was promoted to vice General Manager of the Marketing Department of China Mobile Corporation.Promoted from the local level, Xu Gang has more experience in dealing with grassroots problems, and can be transferred to the headquarters from the local level, which shows his ability.Xu gang left China Mobile in March 2015.Also in the year of his departure, Dreamnet technology and rongxin shares to achieve reorganization listed.After leaving the xu Gang into the baiao family interaction.It is understood that Baiao Family Interactive was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014 and has been selected as one of China’s Top 100 Internet enterprises for two consecutive years.About a year and a half later, Xu just left Baiao Family.After leaving office in 2016, Xu Gang soon came to Kuaihappy Mobile Network Technology and has served as the vice chairman of the company till now.Xu joined Dreamnet in 2019.At that time, Dreamnet technology was listed on the Top 100 Chinese Internet companies list for the fourth time, and it was nearly 20 places higher than in 2018.However, according to the financial data, the net profit in 2019 was 278 million yuan, down 453.82% year on year.In 2019, Dreamnet received mixed results. Will Xu Gang’s arrival change dreamnet’s status quo?Xu gang became the general manager of Dreamnet technology in June 2020.The former general manager is Yu Wensheng. Since 2017, when he became the general manager of Dreamnet Technology, he led Dreamnet Technology to be listed in the top 100 Internet enterprises for three times.Set up blockchain business division to march into new fields;Also signed a cooperation agreement with Ali Cloud.According to financial data, Xu gang has done a good job after taking over.In 2020, the net profit was 101.4 million yuan, up 163.33% year on year;In the third quarter of 2021, the net profit of RMB 89 million increased by 104.17% year-on-year.At the same time, Dreamnet technology actively layout 5G, and launched cooperation with Huawei, have achieved good results.It is worth noting that xu Gang, the general manager of the company, will receive an annual salary of 886,400 yuan in 2020, nearly 1 million less than vice President Tian Feichong’s 1.821 million yuan.

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