Zhang Yimou praises’ black technology ‘in Opening ceremony of Winter Olympics: Science and technology is no longer auxiliary to art

Zhang yimou, who directed the opening ceremony from 2008 to 2022, is said to be the “national master” of the Games. He also praised the technological elements of the opening ceremony, saying, “I don’t want to define science and technology as an assistant to art, but more and more it has become an important part of art.Just like the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the interaction between the ‘lake’ and the ‘snowflake’ is not achieved by repeated rehearsals, but by innovative technology, which enables us to be creative and make the art more attractive.”According to incomplete statistics, at least Intel, BOE, China Unicom and others contributed “unique skills” to the opening ceremony.Intel: participated in the “salute the people” “Snowflake” two program opening ceremony also has Intel shadow.It has four cameras on site, which the company says cover the entire scene and gather information.How is this achieved?Intel said it used AI algorithms to develop human body detection AI models that could accurately identify hundreds of actors, and then used multiple camera calibration results to output their real locations in real time.After collection, the video signal can be sent to the edge computing system, and after 3d signal reconstruction and rendering, the generated artistic image can be displayed on the LED screen.In addition, the company’s algorithms guarantee the real-time and fluency of actors’ interactions with art figures on the big screen.Specifically, in real time, the camera transmits the collected data signal to the edge computing system of the 3rd generation Intel ® Xeon ® scalable processor (which is installed in the Bird’s Nest) via optical fiber.Xem computing power can meet a large number of real-time graphics with high requirements for accuracy, and also meet the needs of image processing, 3D modeling and data analysis.In terms of transmission efficiency, Intel ® has developed an “artificial intelligence based performance real-time effects system” using OpenVINO™ vision tools suite, which is enabled by the company’s DeepLearning acceleration technology to meet the above requirements.”Images can be captured, identified, detected and processed in less than tens of milliseconds,” the company said.Intel company senior vice President and chairman of Intel China Wang Rui said: “in the opening ceremony show more love, more abundant emotion let me high-tea in unity, the fusion of humanities and science and technology is also very exciting, very honored to Intel technology can be applied to such a good work, to display the beauty of art and technology convergence in the world.”We hope Intel’s innovative technologies will not only benefit the arts and sports, but also people.”Boe: The visual ‘bearers’ of the opening ceremony had to start with the 8K ultra hd ground display system and the giant’ snowflake ‘shaped main torch stand, both made by Boe, a domestic maker of semiconductor displays.The 8K ultra hd display system on the floor of the opening ceremony covers 10,393 square meters, which BOE says is the largest of its kind so far.Figure 8 k | high-definition display system on the ground (source: data chart) it USES a number of 8 k + resolution of image fusion technology.The super-large optical correction algorithm can perform pixel-level optical correction for all display pictures, with ultra-high contrast of 100:1, ultra-high refresh rate of 3840Hz and picture resolution of 29900×15096.Equipped with the company’s self-developed super-large display module control and synchronization system, it can also capture the actor’s path in real time, so that the actor and the picture can achieve seamless interaction.Meanwhile, BOE said: “The ground display system was able to operate stably during the five-month high intensity rehearsal and the extreme low temperature of -30C rain and snow in winter.”The main torch platform is 14.89 meters in diameter and consists of 102 LED double-sided screens, 96 of which are in the shape of snowflakes and six of which are in the shape of olive branches.The exterior is double-sided hollow design, which is embedded with more than 550,000 LED light beads.Boe says a single channel used to drive the chip independently controls each bead.Giant “snow” form the main figure | cauldron (source: data chart) it is said that the opening ceremony of the directors, want cauldron to realize “bright diamonds sparkle” effect, therefore the development of a single pixel boe controlled special-shaped display products, the company said it is “the most narrow industry a shiny surface.In this way, the delicate lines of snowflakes are realized.When the torch is lit, the snowflake screen radiates and glows, and the pattern changes very quickly behind the rapid delivery of large-scale video content.Boe AIoT technology system and synchronous/asynchronous compatible messaging system are used.Asynchronous centralized control can deliver large-scale video content quickly in a short time.The millisecond level response of 102 double-sided screens is realized by synchronous centralized control.In addition, a perfectly coordinated video picture must have an error-free command at the bottom. In order to achieve this, BOE uses LoRa (Long Range Radio) low delay control system, coupled with synchronous playback time correction technology, to achieve the above goal.With Intel’s software, boe’s hardware.The opening ceremony, which can be watched online by the whole nation, is also inseparable from communication technology.China Unicom said it was responsible for ensuring communications for the opening ceremony.It includes eight sub-tasks, including fixed communications, mobile communications, fireworks, emergency communications, Internet intercom, security screening greenhouse, video transmission (OBS), and 5G innovation.In addition, it will ensure the daily office communications services of the opening headquarters.To do this, the company has all the nodes connect to the cable, using double routes and double connections.There are 471 special lines, 115 fixed and wireless fixed lines, 241 POC terminals, 495 Wi-Fi points, 85 base stations, 895 sub-office points, 1,692 OTN network points, 301 OIN network points, etc.Comprehensive wiring 3032.It is also reported that China Unicom also opened two emergency communications vehicles, laying all kinds of temporary optical cable 45 kilometers, more than 1800 pieces of horse road, and long-distance backbone network optical cable, CCTV image video transmission optical cable, bearing the Winter Olympics re-guarantee big customer business optical cable and other pipeline equipment, do with key guarantee.A total of 900 optical cables have been inspected, totaling more than 6,000 kilometers.At the opening ceremony, it said it had deployed 31,200 personnel of various types to ensure smooth operation of communications between 8,883 vehicles during the event.China Unicom’s 5G network also enabled nearly 40,000 audience members and cast members to send and receive short videos, make video calls and live broadcast online.As the majority of the audience outside, the immersive experience of watching the live broadcast at home was also satisfied.China Unicom said the Bird’s Nest’s 5G network has achieved comprehensive coverage and extreme capacity, involving technologies such as distributed large-scale antenna technology, air frequency multi-dimensional 5G capability fusion, carrier convergence, comprehensive SA network, AND 5G slicing, adding that the stadium’s 5G capability has increased by more than 20 times compared to 4G.Just as the participation of multinational athletes can present an ice and snow sports event.An opening ceremony of the wonderful, but also inseparable from N a variety of industry practitioners contribution.A number of tech companies are also contributing their talents to the upcoming games.-End-

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