A woman in Zhejiang province who borrowed money from her parents to buy milk powder for their child while her husband bought cigarettes as a gift has sparked heated debate online

In Jinhua, Zhejiang province, a young couple who just got married did not have enough money to buy milk powder for their child due to financial difficulties. So the woman borrowed a sum of money from her mother to buy a batch of milk powder for her child. The woman felt that no matter how hard she worked, she could not let her child suffer.But she never thought that after she borrowed the money, her husband would buy a cigarette for her uncle.Know uncle has helped his family very much, so in his birthday party to express their gratitude.But the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She borrowed milk powder from her mother. A cigarette didn’t cost much, but her mother thought she should put her children first.Then, because two people can not negotiate, hit up.Onlookers who saw the scene called the police, who rushed to the scene to mediate.In the end, the work unit of the two men helped solve the problem. The work unit of the two men knew about the matter and gave them advance wages and bought them a bottle of milk powder to tide them over temporarily.However, the next test, how should they pass?This has left netizens wondering: Is it real?First of all, although her husband knows how to be worldly, he doesn’t know how to be modest. Although her uncle has helped their family a lot, she will buy a gift for her birthday, but her mother borrowed her money, she will never take it out.Second, if the local people pay great attention to etiquette and want to send congratulatory gifts, can’t they borrow some money from relatives, friends and colleagues?Don’t you have any feelings for your relatives and friends?Is he a fool to take money from his wife?After reading this article, we once again realized that life is not easy, our life is like this, everyone’s role is different, everyone’s idea is different, but in front of the family difficulties, we all want to face together.

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