Notice on the standardization of sacrificial activities during qingming Festival in counties and urban areas

In order to strengthen the management of sacrificial activities during qingming Festival and establish a new trend of civilization,According to the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution “hereby of the People’s Republic of China” the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution in the urban and rural areas of sichuan province comprehensive environmental regulation “of guangyuan city of city appearance and environmental sanitation management ordinance and other laws and regulations, regarding jiange county city in 2022 during the qingming festival fixed-point sacrifice matters related to notice the following:1. Fixed sacrifice time: 17:00 — 21:30 from April 3 to April 5, 2022.2. It is strictly prohibited to burn incense sticks (coins) in the streets, squares, green Spaces, parks, corridors, beaches, residential areas, public (iron) roads and other public places and water source protection areas.Strictly abide by the “Jiane County People’s Government forest fire prevention Order”, prohibit to carry fire, fire source into the city zhou forest area for sacrifice.3. The provisions of The Notice of People’s Government of Jiange County on Prohibition and Restriction of Setting off Fireworks (Jianfutong (2021) No. 17) shall be strictly implemented, and fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in sacrific activities.Fourth, promote the new trend of The Times, change customs, advocate green and environmental protection worship methods such as flower worship, network worship and family memorial meeting.Public officials should set an example, take the lead in setting an example, abandon old rules and bad habits, and guide civilized sacrifice.5. Designated places for sacrifice in counties and urban areas: (1) Xiucheng Area: Shuiyingchangdao Residential Area (Liuheng Road) at the intersection of power Station, and the parking lot by the river of Pearl Time City (next to the public toilet of Qingjiang Bridge).(2) Shaxi Area: The empty dam opposite Jiayuan Square of Longjiang Avenue.(3) Dakang Area: The empty dam opposite the Tianci Hot Spring Deng Fatty Chicken Restaurant.(iv) Sanjiang Area: Empty space behind garbage houses in Shengshi Huacheng Community.(v) Jianmen Industrial Park: Embankment and beach of Xiangjiang International District.Notice is hereby given that the Jiange county comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau on March 31, 2022 source comprehensive law enforcement bureau edit | | county Zhang Youpeng coordinating editor | | Liang Xia audit contribute PuGuo email | 1537211923

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