The essential spring rolls for the Chinese New Year in my hometown, I can also do them at home, click click outside crisp tender too delicious

The essential spring rolls for the Chinese New Year in my hometown, I can also do them at home, click click outside crisp tender too delicious.Eating spring rolls during the Spring Festival is one of the busiest things we do here, because the people who make spring rolls usually almost do not stand, only to the Spring Festival when they set up stalls to do spring rolls to sell, 10 yuan a catty is not cheap, but there are really many people to buy, in order to close family what all what.But I found a good thing, frozen spring roll skin, I tried to buy a back to try, it is a good package, but I think it is much thicker than the spring roll skin of our hometown.But it’s so convenient to have these frozen spring rolls, and you can eat them whenever you want.This spring roll is the characteristic of my hometown, every year is waiting for my mother to prepare, this year I also practiced at home.Today, I will try the whole spring roll with cabbage and pork stuffing, which I have never tried before.In my eyes, as long as you don’t have to do spring rolls, spring rolls are very simple and convenient to do. As long as you put the mixed stuffing on the spring rolls, roll the stuffing tightly from one end of the spring rolls, and place the mouth down.The biggest advantage of this frozen spring roll wrapper is that it is easy to store. I tried it and found it very useful.Eating spring rolls for Chinese New Year symbolizes the arrival of the New Year, and they also symbolize wealth, as the fried spring rolls are golden and crispy, like the color of gold.So every family here prepares spring rolls for the Spring Festival. I wonder what special ingredients do you have?I love spring rolls. They are crisp outside and soft inside. They taste delicious and delicious.But to remind you to fry spring rolls must use small fire, fire is easy to fry the spring rolls paste.Ok, no more nonsense, now the detailed production process of spring rolls to share with you.Ingredients: 200g frozen spring roll skin, 250g minced meat, proper amount of Cabbage, 2 pieces of ginger, proper amount of spring onion, 1 spoonful cooking wine, proper amount of salt, proper amount of cooking oil.Specific methods: 1, take out the frozen spring rolls in advance to defrost for later use, wash the cabbage and add a little salt to chop together.2, the first meat and ginger, cooking wine and sauce together stir evenly, and finally add the cabbage together stir evenly.6, take out the thawed good spring roll skin, take a spring roll skin put the right amount of meat, roll up from one end, both ends to the middle fold, roll into a thick cylindrical stick.7, wrap all the spring rolls in turn, and then you can start to fry the spring rolls.8, pour the right amount of oil into the pot, heat the fire to 80% hot change to small fire, put in the wrapped spring rolls, fry the bottom golden and finalize the design.9. Turn over and continue to fry with small heat until the skin is golden and crisp.Golden and crispy spring rolls are fried, and I wish you all a happy New Year in advance!It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and it smells so good.Listen to the mouth click click click crisp ring, very satisfied and very happy.If you like to eat spring rolls, you can stock up on this frozen wrapper at home to satisfy your love of spring rolls.Besides, I think spring rolls taste better dipped in vinaigrette.Ok, that’s all for today’s fried spring rolls. Do you like them?If you like to eat spring rolls, remember to buy some frozen spring rolls to put at home, it is really too easy to use.Thank you for reading, I’m Baa Baa, if you have a better opinion, please leave it in the comments section below, your opinion is my motivation.Pay attention to baa Baa little kitchen, share delicious and healthy food recipes with you every day, if you are interested, welcome to like, collect, forward and share.The text and pictures are my original, strictly prohibited handling, plagiarism will be prosecuted!

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