Truck headlights type analysis, which is right for you?

Along with the development of the era of the headlight on market all kinds of truck lamps are the main points of three kinds of forms of halogen, hernia, LED today way way is to give you a analysis the three lamps light source mainly what’s the advantage of quick to follow the path way descend halogen lamp price low halogen headlamps is also called the dock halide lamps are mainly used in the field of automotive lighting its brightness is low and has low cost, dTake changing the advantages such as convenient so we are equipped with the most domestic truck is halogen headlights as long as a small number of high-end models will choose other light source of the commonly used incandescent and halogen lamp is home after a variant is also depends on tungsten sublimation with iodine or bromine tungsten will return after cooling solidification for chemical reaction on the tungsten tungsten wire is not so early to spoil this is halogen lamp than whiteThe cause of the incandescent lamp live longer xenon lamp brightness high xenon lamp is also called the xenon lamp is high pressure gas discharge lamp belong to heavy metal crystal stones through the glass tube filled with xenon gas through the supercharger will car power instantaneous value-added 23000 v xenon ionized and in power two levels of light source is on optical light throughput is 2 times bigger than the halogen lamp xenon lamp without tungsten mainly by electricityAnd gas by ionizing xenon produces a light source between the two electrodes to discharge the gas and the xenon produces a white super arc light that is closer to daytime sunlight and the xenon lamp only has a work load of 3.5 amps it is very bright and relatively expensive and the LED lamp is much more durableJust as its name implies is the LED light source of lamps in LED as headlight before it has been on line, on the lamp, brake lamp, reading lamp, and even turn signal through the use of long-term effect is also very significant as continuously verify the LED light source can be applied to the vehicle headlamps in the passenger car is the biggest advantage is the first to use fast response as a brake light it can add 4 to 6 metersA safe distance from the LED on the service life of the resistance to vibration, save electricity, compared to other light and the brightness of the LED lamp is very high and is cool color department night driving not provoke flying insects because the cost of leds is higher on the truck at present using the lamp is not much as an important technology of the history of almost synchronous with cars not only has all kinds of technical breakthrough and with the progress of science and technology the types of lights areIncrease and more intelligent in general, card friends must according to their own long-distance road conditions to choose the lights for their own is the most important!END road is a professional do large vehicle maintenance institutions have professional maintenance technicians, provide convenient door-to-door service truck maintenance, find us 400-0555-950

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