Why is the excreta that biology pulls out smelly?The problem is not simple

Whether human or side common all kinds of animals, they all have two common characteristics, need to eat and, moreover, we found a strange place, every creature eat taste is different, you can’t accept the dog feed, for example, there are a lot of people cannot accept durian smell, others are very like, but strangely, although eat something different,But the excrement of all living things is a common smell, why is this?This question is not simple, it may also have something to do with human evolution!Is the excrement of living things really smelly?A lot of people instinctively answer this question, don’t they?Until you might think of dogs and dung beetles.It tastes so good dogs that sensitive sense of smell, but they like to eat feces, which fully shows that in the understanding of the dog, the smell of waste is not necessarily the smelly, and taking this as the main food of dung beetles, not to mention is absolutely like the taste, and people like bacon, dung beetles can store dung, and then gave them to time of fermentation,Adds natural flavor.The smell of time so let’s put it another way, not all living things think that excrement stinks, it’s humans who think that all excrement stinks, but why?Those who eat sweet drink spicy, why result pull is smelly?For higher animals, including people, no matter what food we eat, these things will become food residue after the digestive tract “processing”, together with the digestive tract shed epithelial cells, intestinal bacteria and so on at the end of the digestive tract to form feces, and then out of the body through the anus.This process is the body’s digestion, absorption and excretion.Human digestion process diagram and the process of the human body to digest food, cannot leave is you are inside the body, from your stomach, they are involved in your entire digestive process, and in the process of microbes digesting food can produce a variety of by-products, such as bacterial decomposition of carbohydrate or lipid can produce famous gases such as methane.It ignites and when they break down the protein, they produce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, histamine, indoles, all of which stink, and ammonia is the pungent smell of the familiar toilet.So in summary, the final excretion is mostly indigestible food scraps + a lot of pungent substances from food breakdown + bacteria or dead bacteria, so it’s hard to understand why this stuff stinks to the human nose.But this answer only answers the simplest part of the question, which, if you think about it more deeply, is, if biological waste is made of these substances, why do dogs or dung beetles think it stinks when humans do?And more specifically, why do things like hydrogen sulfide and indoles smell bad to our sense of smell?This is the result of the evolution of human consciousness.Let’s start with a question: what would happen if we woke up tomorrow morning and our sense of smell was so bad that we thought excrement smelled good?Will some people fall in love with this delicious food and start the great process of producing and selling it on their own?Can one serving of flammulina mushroom survive for a month?Couldn’t help, of course, from the perspective of freedom of life, if people like, in fact this is not a big problem, as long as it doesn’t affect the others is ok, but the problem is, we know that the inside of the waste actually basic nutrients have been digested, the rest of the many toxins, and not much nutrition,If a person eats this kind of food for a long time, he will become thinner and less nutritious, and his body will have problems, which is not in accordance with the direction of biological evolution.Evolution therefore, the answer is obvious. In the process of biological evolution, human beings consciously change unfavorable things and useless things into things they do not like to eat, and change nutritious and helpful food into things that meet human tastes, so as to ensure the survival and development of human beings.In fact, many examples in life are like this. For example, most poisons or toxic substances are not delicious or even offensive to human taste.If humans eat unhealthy food, they will vomit to reduce digestion and so on.So, why does excrement stink?This problem is actually related to human survival and development of the big problem, but also the history of human evolution of great wisdom ah!

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