New entry | this is the “heavyweight” Poly layout again east second Ring road

Leju house news recently, Jin ‘an District east second Ring plate new property – Poly cloud (record name: Poly Yunguang Residence).The project is located next to The Industrial Design Creative Park of Fumuhaikou in Jin ‘an District, with a pre-proposed floor area of about 80-114 square meters.The project goes back to September 8, 2021, the land auction of four districts was held in Fuzhou, attracting more than 40 bidders, including Poly, Rongqiao, Gemdale, Fuzhou Construction Engineering, Zhongjun, Xiangyu, Zhenrong, Art City, Zhongyi Real Estate, etc.The auction started at 09:30 a.m. and ended at 12:00 p.m., lasting about 2.5 hours in total.In the end, all 11 plots of land in the four districts were sold, with a total volume of 620.83 mu and a total gold collection of 7.034 billion yuan, marking the end of this round of Fuzhou land auction.In this land auction, Poly with 1.713 billion + lottery bid to land 2021-40, clinched a floor price of about 21506.59 yuan/flat!Premium rate 14.97%!The land is no. 2021-40 (Old transferred plot 1 of Hongguang Village and its surrounding area), with 31,860 square meters (about 47.79 mu) of land for residential and commercial use. The plot ratio is 2.5. The initial price is 1.49 billion yuan, and the maximum price is 1.713 billion yuan.This piece of land is also the most popular piece of land in the four districts of Fuzhou auction. After about 20 rounds of bidding and lottery, Poly won the auction.The building height of local block is 80 meters and below, and the commercial building area is not less than 2000 square meters and not more than 3000 square meters;The limited price commercial housing for 20,000 talents shall be purchased by the designated target of the municipal government according to 70% of the record price of the commercial housing of the project (subject to the final determination by the municipal government). The sales guidance price of the commercial housing is 32,000 yuan/square.Driven by ikea, which has opened not far away, the whole area of the plot has obvious development space and potential.Combined with the residential, commercial, educational, green space and other land uses planned in the Sanyuan area around IKEA that will be renovated in the future, it is expected that this area will have a wave of favorable municipal public construction and commercial upgrading in the future.In addition, benefiting from the development of fuxing Economic Development Zone, the introduction and implementation of various policies will also enhance the overall value of the region.According to the inquiry, the price of the new house around the project is about 29,000 yuan /㎡- 40,000 yuan /㎡.Taihe drum mountain yard, for example, an average of about 29000 yuan / ㎡, c&d beauty jun LanHeMing average of about 35000 yuan / ㎡, xu hui 28-floor observatory AD an average of about 38000 yuan / ㎡, dadonghai JinTang house an average of about 30000-35000 yuan / ㎡, opening the yue average of about 32500 yuan / ㎡, greentown guangxi beauty reflected on average about 40000 yuan / ㎡.Poly cloud on the current price has not been announced, I believe that the future will be able to inject new vitality to the plate.Poly cloud on the surrounding second-hand housing prices of about 19,000 yuan /㎡- 35,000 yuan /㎡ between.For example, the average price of Yongtongchang Wenhua residential area is about 19,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of four seasons Lvdu Spring Garden is about 22,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of Huicheng Yayuan is about 27,000 yuan /㎡, and the average price of Hengyu International Park is about 35,000 yuan /㎡.Poly Yunshang is located next to Fulma Channel Industrial Design Creative Park, Jin ‘an District, Fuzhou. The project covers a total area of 31,860 square meters, with a greening rate of 30% and a plot ratio of 2.5. The developer is Fuzhou Zhonghe Investment And Development Co., LTD., and the total number of parking Spaces in the community is about 900.The project is surrounded by rich commercial resources, close to The World Europe Square, East 2nd Ring Taihe Square, Taijiang Wanda Plaza, Wushan Wal-Mart, IKEA commercial complex.In addition, there are niugang Mountain park, string beads park, Pudong River Park, Helin Park, Jin ‘an Lake Park, Guangming Port Park, water park and other landscape parks.The project is close to Subway Line 2 and Line 4, and there are many public transportation routes such as 108 /115 /166 /187 /29 /333 /40 Express line /69 /7 /70 /73/15 Commuter Express line nearby.At present Poly cloud has been announced on the house model map.Poly Yunshang project is located in the east second Ring Road, with good surrounding living facilities and close to the urban area. Interested netizens can call LeJu 400 to know more details of the project.Fuzhou’s first construction culture museum is located in fuzhou, Yongtai County, the hometown of traditional architecture, to carry out 100-day action to improve the quality of standardized management of construction sites

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