One positive case was confirmed in Pinghu city, Zhejiang Province

According to the wechat official account “Pinghu Release”, at 8:30 on April 7, one COVID-19 positive patient was confirmed in Pinghu City, named Fei, who now lives in Building 33, Yucai Court, Xincang Town, Pinghu City.Pinghu city immediately activated the emergency mechanism, carrying out isolation control, epidemiological investigation and other emergency measures.The personnel’s main track in Pinghu is now reported as follows:April 1, 6:47, Yucaiyuan, Xicang Town, 6:49, Culture Square, Xicang Town, 8:11, Zhejiang Huahong New Material Co., LTD. 12:46, Zhejiang Hongji Petrochemical Co., LTD. 14:22, Zhejiang Huahong New Material Co., LTD. 16:53, Culture Square, Xicang Town, 16:56, passing near the People’s government of Xicang Town, 17:02 Xinhong Supermarket, Xicang Town, 17:04, Yucai Garden, Xicang Town, 6:47, April 2, 6:49, Xinhong Supermarket, Xicang Town, 7:00, Culture Square, Xicang Town, 8:22, Zhejiang Hongji Petrochemical Co., LTD., 17:03, Culture Square, Xicang Town, 17:10, Yucai Garden, Xicang Town, 18:40On April 3, 6:40, 6:43, 6:50, 6:50, 8:16, Zhejiang Huahong New Material Co., LTD. 16:35, Cultural Square, 16:54, 18:59, Xincang Town, Yucai GardenTown Culture Square 19:23 Sampling point of Xicang Town Culture Square 19:32 No. 14-2, Cangqian Road, Xicang Town 21:26 Xinlian Shopping Mall, Xicang Town 21:39 Xincang High Speed Checkpoint Farm 22:06 Yucai Garden, Xicang Town 8:48 On April 4, Yucai Garden, Xicang Town 8:51 Walk to the vicinity of the old Xincang food market8:59 Opposite Fahua Temple 9:33 Chaoyang Road Southwest of Luchuan Road 10:28 Yucai Court, Xincang Town 12:15 Riverside of Shuanggang River, Xinmiao Town 16:00 Yucai Court, Xincang Town 19:15 Riverside of Yanchuan River, Xincang Town 21:15 Yucai Court, Xincang Town 12:01 April 5 Walk to the south gate of Yucai Court, Xincang Town and go outDistrict 12:05 Yucai Garden, Xincang Town 12:13 Yucai Garden, Xincang Town (next to shilu Village Committee) 12:57 Yucai Garden, Xincang Town 13:00 No. 14-2 Cangqian Road, Xincang Town 13:15 Take a walk in the southwest corner of Luchuan Bridge and Chaoyang Road toward the river of Yanchuan RiverWalk around Yucaiyuan xcang Town 20:30 Yucaiyuan Xcang Town On April 6, 6:58, gather names of tobacco and alcohol in Xcang Town 7:10, Cultural square of Xcang Town 8:22, Zhejiang Hongji Petrochemical Co., LTD. 16:46, Cultural square of Xcang Town 17:07, walk to sampling point of Cultural square of Xcang Town 18:30, culture of Xcang townPlease take the initiative to report to the unit, village, community or hotel immediately if you have contact with the person in the above time and place, and cooperate with the relevant health management measures. If you conceal, delay or misreport, you will be held responsible according to law.

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