Tai Chen, “veteran soldier” : Where there is need, dedication

He is a veteran with 18 years of military service. He has participated in major activities such as Yangtze River flood fighting in 1998, Wenchuan earthquake relief in 2008, Beijing Olympic Security, Shenzhou spacecraft recovery and so on. He won the third-class merit twice because of his outstanding performance.He is also a veteran of environmental protection. In 2010, he transferred to Hongshan District Branch of Ecological Environment Bureau of Wuhan city (formerly Hongshan District Environmental Protection Bureau). He still sticks to his true colors as a soldier, performs his duties with selfless dedication and makes extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts.He is the “veteran” Tai Chen, a retired soldier with passionate writing dedicated chapters, adhere to the original will never change.We must fulfill our duties and protect the environment. Clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.As the head of the environmental law enforcement department, Tai Chen always regards investigating and dealing with environmental violations as his main responsibility.In 2017, when I was the head of the Supervision Team, when I was sorting out sewage discharge units under the jurisdiction, several law enforcement officers reported that a food processing enterprise under the jurisdiction might be involved in environmental violations of sewage discharge. However, after many open inspections and secret visits, they failed to obtain evidence of the enterprise’s illegal discharge.In order to strike the environmental violations of the enterprise accurately, Tai Chen led the squadron leader of the area to conduct a comprehensive survey of the enterprise. By consulting typical cases, he analyzed the production technology, process and water consumption of the enterprise, and calculated that about 30 tons of production sewage did not enter the sewage treatment station every day.In determining the enterprises must have suspected of stealing a row after TaiChen please arrange workers carry a construction units pneumatic pick forcible entry tool to the enterprise, the possible broken dig inspections on the location of the drainage tubes, when detected a suspicious point 3, no. 1 in the enterprise production workshop and sewage treatment station near the factory boundary wall between the location of the discovered a CMC with cement block,After digging, it was found that the manhole was filled with branches and debris. After cleaning up the debris, an undercurrent at the bottom was finally exposed. In front of solid evidence, the head of the enterprise finally confessed to the environmental illegal fact that the underground pipe was discharged in order to reduce the cost of sewage treatment.In addition to being fined, the polluter was also ordered to stop production for rectification, while the person in charge of the case was transferred to the public security department, and the deputy general manager responsible for the unit was given administrative detention for 10 days by the Hongshan District Public Security Bureau.This is the first case of an enterprise leader in Hongshan district being detained by the public security organ for environmental violations, and also the first case of an enterprise leader in Wuhan being detained by the public security organ for secretly setting up pipes and discharging pollutants.On January 25, 2018, 92 residents of Xindu Community in Huacheng district jointly filed a complaint to hongshan Environmental Protection Bureau about the peculiar smell of spray paint from Long ‘an Group.After receiving the complaint, Tai Chen led the law enforcement team to the enterprise for on-site investigation for many times.According to the investigation, at the beginning of the establishment of Longan Group, there were only fish ponds and fields around it. With the development of the city, the real estate development around the company gradually took shape, and several schools and commercial residential buildings were built.The construction party of the residential area did not take into account the possible impact of the Spray shop of Longan Group on the residents of the residential area. The nearest building is only 13 meters away from the spray shop of Longan Group.Hongshan District Environmental Protection Bureau has repeatedly monitored the exhaust gas emitted by the spray shop of the unit, and the monitoring results reflect that the exhaust gas emissions meet the national emission standards.As the spray shop is close to the residential building, the buffer area of exhaust gas discharged in the production process is narrow, resulting in the exhaust gas of the spray shop in accordance with the national emission requirements, but still has a substantial impact on the surrounding residents, which belongs to the “standard of disturbing people” situation.In order to properly solve the problem of compliance with standards, Tai Chen organized community leaders, resident representatives, and leaders of Longan Group to discuss how to solve the problem of production disturbance in April 2019.After continuous supervision and coordination, the company invested about 6 million yuan to complete the upgrade and transformation of exhaust gas treatment and discharge, and moved the new whole spray workshop to a site far away from residential areas.On November 26, 2021, residents’ representatives of Hacheng Xindu sent a banner with the words “Do our best to serve the people, protect the environment and warm people’s hearts” to the Ecological environment sub-bureau of Hongshan District to express heartfelt thanks to the law enforcement team for impartial law enforcement, serving the people and solving livelihood problems for them.Tai Chen organized several parties to negotiate on the problem of disturbing the people and serve the people. On the basis of doing his own work well, Tai Chen also used his rest time to serve the people around him.During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, he provided 500 kilograms of disinfectant solution and more than 20 tons of vegetables for free to the community through his comrades, alleviating to some extent the problem of the community’s eradication and residents’ inability to buy fresh vegetables.In daily life, Tai Chen also gave full play to his expertise in water and electricity maintenance and helped his neighbors solve trivial matters at home.Neighbors who do not light, or encountered a small problem of household appliances, water leakage, furniture handle off and other problems, in the owner group to inform, Tai Chen will take the initiative to help repair, basically can be “easy”, timely troubleshooting.His “treasure box” prepared a lot of vulnerable small parts, all the maintenance is free, every person who has dealt with, will be moved by him, so now there is a saying in the community: “if you have difficulties, find a veteran.”TaiChen comrades not only oneself, insist to do public welfare under his leading, the university of reading son also took an active part in all kinds of public welfare activities, 2019 son TaiZhengYang started school is enrolled in the school volunteer association, participate in volunteer service activities, active need to community participation in the gate during the outbreak and volunteer service activities such as nucleic acid testing to maintain order.Tai Chen, the “veteran”, did what he really did: he dedicated where there was need.

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