What should be paid attention to when placing skis in downhill skiing

Perpendicular to the fall line.1. Downhill skiing is a very exciting sports, in the company of sliding, each other must open the distance, must not be to catch up with the companion and rapid downhill, it is easy to fall or collision with others, beginners are very prone to this kind of accident.Stop at the edge of the piste during breaks, not at the bottom of a steep slope, and watch out for skiers coming down.2. Snowboard selection is not only so simple as single or double skis, but also consider the basic attributes of the ski type.Common snowboard types are arch, flat arch, anti arch and mixed arch, different types have their own advantages and disadvantages.For example, when the arch is flat, head and tail touch the ground, and the center is off the ground.Turns are the best.When laid flat, head and tail touch the ground, center off the ground.Turns are the best.3. As for skiing, snowboarding length had a great influence on the speed, if the pursuit of speed, the length of the skis will be very long, but also difficult to control, such as amateurs skis are generally lower than the height, but professional skiing athletes, especially in the speed of the giant slalom, they use longer skis than their height, of course,These athletes are after long-term professional training, like amateurs really don’t try longboard, or cautious as well.

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