Dunk addiction!Kuminga was knocked out for 17 points in the final quarter, and the warriors won by 38 points with seven players on both sides

The NBA’s regular season kicks off on January 26 with a western Conference matchup.The Golden State Warriors host the Mavericks, who are second in the West at 34-13 and fifth in the West at 27-20.The warriors scored a season-low 82 points in their last meeting in Dallas on Jan. 6, and Curry was down for 14 points on 5-of-20 shooting.The Mavericks beat the Warriors by 17 points.Although two of the warriors defense core commitments and green iguodala can not play because of injury, but the warriors have recently met sweet on schedule, for seven consecutive home games, the game is the warriors at home, the fourth in the previous three games won two warriors, among them the two games are garage poor play to win,This also reflects the warriors from the side overall strength is very strong.So it’s a great game to watch, and Curry, who made just 1 of 13 3-pointers in his last game, is expected to explode.Two teams starting lone ranger team: east qi qi, brunson, Smith, Carolina, Boer ferry gith warriors: Treasury, Mr Thompson, wiggins, potter, Wayne rooney in the first quarter game ball up tianjin gith just outside first stone made three points for the lone ranger opened the records, then east, draw personal ability to turn back into 2 + 1, then step back three points in the 9:2, The Warriors started with only two points from Curry.Kerr didn’t call a timeout even though the score was down, but the Warriors were really good at adjusting.Klay, the Splash brothers, hit a layup, then went back to Curry for a 3.Curry started the game 2-for-2 with a 3-pointer that forced Kidd to call a timeout.After a timeout, Wiggins clocked in again and drained 3-pointers and midrange for a 7-point run to give the Warriors a 14-13 lead over the Mavericks.Doncic and Curry then went head-to-head. Curry drained a midrange shot and Doncic responded with a step-back 3. Curry added a step-back for two points, 18:16, and the two teams split the lead.After doncic sat out late in the first quarter and the Mavericks stalled, golden State went on an 11-4 run that ended the period 29:20 on a 3-pointer by Kminga.Bielitsa’s first layup in the second quarter gave the Warriors an 11-point lead at 31:20, but the Mavericks answered right away with brunson’s 3-pointer and Hardaway’s 3-pointer after a 2-and-1 spurt that gave the Mavericks a 9-0 run to reach 29:31.Just as the Mavericks were chasing the momentum of the moment but suddenly unexpected situation, hardaway injured in the non-confrontation went down, and officials later announced that Hardaway suffered a broken fifth metatarsal in his left foot will not return.The mavericks’ offense was hampered by hardaway’s unexpected injury, and the Warriors were on fire as Klay Thompson hit three 3-pointers from the outside to push their lead to 11 points at 46:35.The Lone Ranger calls a time-out.Doncic came back from a timeout and stepped back from the 3-point line, but with Klay shooting outside, the Warriors couldn’t hold it down. Damian Lee hit a 3-pointer, and Poole came off the bench and made two strong drives, followed by Porter’s 3-pointer, 57:The 40-point deficit was pulled to 17, the bench played well, Curry sat out, and the Mavericks trailed 53-63 at halftime on doncic’s 3-pointer and Brunson’s layup late in the second quarter.East, 21 points and 6 rebounds, half data pool clay Thompson 11 points each for the third quarter in the second half began to lone ranger perimeter offense still reluctant to open, the warriors are outside threats to blossom at the same time, inside strong Wilkins scored 2 + 1, potter, even take 5 minutes outside shots, with wiggins layup and foul after two free throws, 75:The Warriors stretched the lead to 20 points.Klobel hit the Mavericks’ first 3-pointer of the second half with 3:14 left, but Poole came off the bench and hit two more 3-pointers, 81-72.Made the Lone Ranger call a timeout again.Suspended back east, kohler bell inside storm even draw fouls, four free throws, after come back inside the garage even take 5 minutes (tu outside shots, 86:66 poor again back to the end of the 20 points in the third quarter, lone ranger three points, koehler bernini niche in two three points, but warriors here is always someone responded, three warriors still lead over lone ranger 19 points.Details the fourth quarter final moment spray brothers led the warriors, and Jason kidd choose to rest east qi qi field, and the choice is completely to lost the game, don’t the examine damian lee even inside hand, then Mr Thompson meet garage passes inside play Bohr tianjin gith’s basket successful, this goal also thoroughly beat wave god the vigor.He then kicks the ball and is ejected after a layup is broken on the next possession.In the final stretch of the game, khuminga had his own moment. After a 2-and-1 inside play, he dunked josh Green to make it 2-and-1, which was also the best dunk of the game. After a timeout, Klay passed khuminga on his back for a dunk and scored 14 points in the fourth quarter.The Warriors routed the Mavericks by 38 points, 130-92.Seven warriors scored in double figures, led by David Kuminga with 22 points and several spectacular dunks in the fourth quarter.Curry had 18 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, Klay had 15 points and six assists, Wiggins had 14 points, Poole 17 points and Bielitsa 10 points.Doncic had 25 points and eight rebounds, Brunson had 11 and Hardaway Jr. had 10 for the Mavericks, who had no other double figures.

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