How much is Huawei’s “year-end bonus”?What do you think of employees telling the truth?

In recent years, Huawei has been active on the Internet platform, constantly refreshing people’s cognition of it.As a well-known private enterprise in China, Huawei has been facing difficulties in its development in recent years.5G technology has been successfully developed in the face of difficulties in chip development.However, it is worth mentioning that, so far, Huawei chip blocked the problem has not been solved accordingly.As a result, the company’s annual revenue fell 28.9 percent compared with the past.Even in this case, companies are willing to pay $50 billion in dividends.For this, the employees can only continue to thank, besides being moved.In the past year, Huawei has sold a total of 35 million mobile phones, according to relevant agency statistics.At first glance, that might seem like an impressive achievement, but sales were down 82% from the year before.Under such circumstances, Huawei’s earnings have also taken a hit.According to official financial statements, Huawei group’s revenue from mobile phones fell 28.9 percent last year compared with the previous year.So it is no exaggeration to say that the past year has been a difficult one for Huawei.However, some friends may ask: Hasn’t Huawei already made a breakthrough in 5G technology?As the pioneer of 5G technology, how can life be so difficult for Huawei?In fact, although Huawei has broken through the technical barriers of 5G technology, it had to return to the main position of 4G eventually due to the failure of the US core.This is also a considerable blow to Huawei.Correspondingly, apple’s mobile phone is enjoying a new spring without huawei as a competitor.Over the past year, Apple has managed to capture about 23 percent of the Chinese smartphone market, making it the largest smartphone vendor in the country.This phenomenon is also due to apple’s latest iPhone13.It is worth mentioning that the iPhone13 both in terms of technology and in the later stage of publicity and promotion are under the full effort.Therefore, iPhone13 can cause such a big shock in the Chinese market and quickly gain the love of consumers.A quarter after the launch of the iPhone13 in China, apple saw a significant boost in revenue.That’s $123.9 billion in total revenue for this quarter alone.That’s an 11% increase over the past year.Not only that, but apple’s share price has also seen a new round of gains thanks to the success of the iPhone13.According to media reports, Apple is now worth more than $300 billion.In the international community as a whole, this size is quite frightening.Compared to apple’s iPhone13, huawei’s P50 doesn’t seem to have been widely accepted by consumers.The P50 is going down the drain because it can’t use the Kirin 9000 5G chip.Such an outcome is exactly what the US side wants to see.However, even though the whole Company suffered a sharp drop in revenue, in the face of a 28.9% year-on-year drop in annual revenue, the chairman of Huawei decided to pay 50 billion yuan to the shareholding employees in accordance with the usual practice.After a rough calculation, about each shareholding employee can get about 400,000 yuan of dividends.Why is it that with 50 billion yuan, each person can only get about 400,000 yuan in the end?Say, but also sigh huawei founder Ren Zhengfei’s loyalty.Today, Huawei is probably the only company in the world that is fully owned.This 50 billion fund is the welfare to be divided among all employees.Huawei is able to go so far, but also the unique system of full ownership.I thought the group in the face of the current development difficulties in the dividend may be reduced.However, what the employees did not expect is that the chairman still took out 50 billion yuan in dividends this year.Although it is down a bit compared with the past, it is not easy.Employees who work at Huawei say the group is under severe external pressure.It is not easy for Huawei to achieve such results under such pressure.In this regard, the employee said that he had nothing to say, except gratitude, and did not regret joining the big family of Huawei.Conclusion Huawei Group has always attached great importance to the cultivation and absorption of talents.Huawei is still able to achieve such results in the face of enormous pressure, and it also needs the support of these talents.In the future, with the continuous influx of more talents, I believe huawei Group will create more miracles, and let’s wait and see!Topic of the day: Huawei’s annual revenue drops 28.9%, but still gets 50 billion yuan dividend?Employee: Nothing to say, thanks again

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