Japan famous: The Chinese team is too weak lack of overall individual potential has not been developed

Titan Sports all media reporter Wang Xiaorui reported that ITO Junjun also believes that The Chinese team has improved a lot compared to the last encounter, you Japanese football celebrities do not agree.Some old players think that the Chinese team to simulate the Saudi Team, simply wishful thinking.”Boring game,” said sergio Echigo, a celebrity.”Considering the level of the Chinese team, I don’t think it was a very good performance to finish 2-0. To be honest, I am not satisfied,” said former international chang Ji.”China team tactics is not clear” before the game, Japan from all walks of life are looking forward to a new look in the New Year, the process is disappointing.”There is no hope that Japan can score against Saudi Arabia in the match against China,” said Echigo.The passing speed of the team was monotonous and the attacking methods were too few. Fortunately, The Chinese team was too weak to win.If we meet a team of equal strength, Japan can’t score at all.The same sentiment was echoed by Kazuyoshi Shiratori, editor-in-chief of Football Digest, who warned that “keeping the status quo is tantamount to going backwards.” “How much better is Japan than China from a team standpoint?Longer possession, some set-piece chances.But the impression that The Chinese team is weak is even stronger.Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate the performance of the two new zhongwei scholars akiori Taniguchi and Bankura Hwang.In fact, The Chinese team only had two shots on goal in the whole game. “I didn’t see the Chinese team wanting to fight,” Yue said. “The whole game was a little low.The Japanese, who took the lead early, did not suppress China’s rhythm and actively aimed for the next goal. Instead, they played the whole game slowly.The impression is that there is no excitement after watching the game.”Kiminoru Kaneda, a 63-year-old veteran national football player, also said it is hard to judge what senori Taniguchi and Banikura hwang can do with this performance alone.”Because the opponent was China, it didn’t show its potential.Saudi Arabia, which is better than their individual abilities, are totally different teams.He had high hopes for The Chinese team. “China used five backs in the last meeting, but this time they will play four.I have been wondering how the Chinese team will play?But they are not aggressively pressing.Instead, it shows an overall decline.””The strange thing is that the Chinese team is strengthening in many ways, but it is not stronger than expected, which is incredible,” Kaneda added.The ability of each Chinese team player should be very high, but the team tactics are not clear, feel not to use their best.I don’t always support rivals, but considering the improvement of football in East Asia as a whole, I hope the Chinese team can continue their efforts.””Lack of linkage, the left side needs to be adjusted.” Compared to Kaneda Kiminoru who is full of thoughts about the Chinese team, other Japanese commentators are more willing to talk about Australia and Saudi Arabia.”I was watching the Match between Japan and China at the same time as The Match between Australia and Vietnam, which kicked off an hour earlier.Australia, as the home team, were very aggressive from start to finish and kept pressing until the end.He believes Japan will have to improve its scoring to beat Australia on the basis of their performance.In other words, “It was ITO who saved the team from 2-0 victory.”The course of the match also shows that the main direction of the Japanese team, zheng Zheng and Hao Junmin guard the left.In contrast, Nagamo yudo and Minamano Takashi’s performance is somewhat inferior.This point of view has been recognized by many Famous Japanese, “Nagamu and Nano’s left road is completely not good, is it necessary to take any measures?”Kiminoru Kaneda asked.Facing Zhang Linpeng and Wu Lei on the right side, he said, “Chang Youyou did not organize effective attack, Takasu Minamano as a winger although good at cutting inside, but he created space for the team, has not been effectively used.Even Hideasa Morita and Isao Ohashi got into the zone and couldn’t find the right passer when they really needed to pass.”To this end, he suggested, “We should move Junko ITO, who is in good form, to the left side and let Hideji Kuhealth play the right wing.”But in actual combat, Moriboichi prefers to let the latter division forward.”Offensively, the left side didn’t work at all.When they take the lead in attacking, when the Chinese team starts to turn defensive, they can flexibly change their attacking system and tactics.”However, chengchang two is very sure long friends you are all the effort.”Still working hard, defending with a lot of swagger and Shouting.But the quality of the cross is not good enough, it can be passed to better positions, maybe it is difficult.It’s worth noting that he shared the same view as Sergio Echigo: “It was a boring game. We wanted to expect more from Japan, more from the players, but not more goals.”Before the game, he thought the Chinese team with 4231 was going to attack, and ended up playing defensive football as usual.”In this case, Bi Tanaka and Hideki Morita should cooperate more in the middle and front court, but they lack enthusiasm and do not pass the ball very well.While providing a vertical path for Endo, the vertical pass didn’t work.”In general, most Japanese stars are not complacent about a 2-0 game.”Against Saudi Arabia, we hope to raise the awareness of individual breakthrough and seek a kind of teamwork,” Kamamoto said.Otherwise it’s still tough.”

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