Protesters have surrounded the capital, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Riots in Canada are backed by the United States

When the U.S. shouted “democracy” and “freedom,” Canada always responded loudly, but to the surprise of the Canadian government, citizens in Their own country surrounded the Canadian capital Ottawa with “freedom flags.”Truckers gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the Canadian government after a nationwide riot broke out recently, the Global Times reported.The riot began in Mid-January when truckers were angered by a new quarantine rule that required them to show proof of vaccination when entering or leaving Canada.At the end of January, a truck-driver protest group showed up in Ottawa, forming a long line of vehicles and Shouting slogans to overturn the new quarantine regulations and even calling for the resignation of The Trudeau government.The Canadian government didn’t take any active action at first, so the demonstration started to grow.In addition to the protesters, there was also an anti-protesters march in Ottawa, the two teams of tit for tat, and the Canadian police control order between the “beautiful scene”.A growing group of truck drivers says they will stick to their guns.The counter-protest group said the demonstrators were staging an illegal, non-peaceful protest and should be sanctioned.Canadian police have become increasingly aggressive in their language about the demonstrations, describing them as “terrorist activity” and a “national riot”.On the other hand, Canadian police say they are not taking effective measures to stop the protests because of a lack of enforcement.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also took a tough stance on the demonstration, saying he would not meet with truck drivers and would not do anything to “yield” to the demonstration.The protesters’ demands have not been met with a response from the government, and the tough stance of the Canadian government has directly stirred up the mood of the protesters, which is bound to trigger more discontent among truck drivers. The protests are mainly in the capital Ottawa and Quebec, but as they escalate, they have started to spread across Canada.In this case, the situation is likely to spiral out of control.And for things to work out, there has to be a compromise.Either the truckers were forced to compromise by the Canadian military and police, or the Canadian government made some concessions.Such protests are not uncommon in western countries, but they have been rare in Canada for a week, and they are gaining momentum.Even more interesting, according to Canadian police, is that the protest is being financed from within the United States.The Biden administration has repeatedly said it will repair relations with its Allies, as Canada largely does what the United States tells it to do, whether on so-called “human rights issues” or the Winter Olympics.But to Trudeau’s surprise, the Biden administration is playing catch-up with trump’s “America First” strategy, ostensibly to repair relations with Allies.The United States has instigated many color revolutions in the Americas, but this time the same tactics are being used in Canada.The trudeau government has brought the massive protests of its own making.Now that stricter quarantine measures are in place, the government should come up with countermeasures against various public reactions.The protests have been going on for a week, and not only have the Canadian government been unable to respond effectively, but they’ve been prodding the protesters into spiraling out of control.These truckers are marching with their trucks and occupying the main roads of the city, and as the Government goads them further, there is no rule out that the truckers will do more crazy things. The current siege of the capital, forcing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to leave the capital, is believed to be just the beginning.

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