The woman was forced to have sex with the man in the car, who threatened her: ‘I lost my temper if you don’t want me to.

“The crime of rape consists of a violation of will;Through the phenomenon to see the essence, here is the lack of boat also ferry people “a night about eight o ‘clock.Li Hui (alias) and Tong Jing (alias, another case), Xu mou (has been sentenced).Tong Jing drove a rental commercial car arrived at a department store.The victim zhang, who was a minor at the time of the crime, was seen with CAI and MAO.Xu came forward and gave Zhang a box on the ear.Li Hui wants Zhang mou to be his girlfriend, Zhang Mou is not willing.After Li Hui and Xu two people will zhang a line of three people with the car.To an apartment somewhere.There were several other people in the room, more than three in number.Below this kind of circumstance, Li Hui asks again, let zhang mou do its girlfriend.At this time, Zhang changed his attitude and said to think about it.Later, Lee and Seo left.Later CAI wanted to take Zhang and others to leave, but was blocked by a man attempted.According to Zhang, CAI left with MAO.When Lee hui and Seo returned to the room, he and two others took Zhang away.While taking Lee to gas stations and other places.In the car, Xu again hit Zhang’s face, and use a dagger to threaten.It was about 1 a.m. the next day.Tong Jing let Li Hui open a good room in an apartment.He entered with Zhang.After Li Hui left, Tong Jing forced sex with Zhang in the room.Later, Tong Jing will zhang mou to take the car, and Li Hui and Xu and other driving away from the apartment.Later, when the car drove near a park.Tong Jing and Xu get off, the car only li Hui and Zhang.(According to Xu, Tong Jing told him that he “slept” With Zhang.Li Hui said that play boring, oneself want to get a car Zhen) Li Hui again put forward to zhang mou do his girlfriend, and want to have a relationship.Zhang refused and Lee threatened.He said that if he did not have sex with him, he would let Zhang walk back.He tried to have sex again, but still refused.Finally, Li Hui said.”Are you willing or not? I’m angry when you don’t.”Zhang mou heart gives birth to fear, be forced to produce relation with Li Hui.After Li Hui zhang mou to a pedestrian street near.Zhang subsequently accompanied by his father to report the case.The two sides reached a settlement.Li Hui compensates 16000 yuan to Zhang Mou.Get the other side to understand.Missing a boat: the court held after hearing.Li Hui by coercion means, against the will of women, forced sexual relations.His actions constitute rape.Although in this case, Li Hui did not use overt violence.And the victim’s resistance is not obvious.But all things considered.The court found that the victim had been forcibly taken away by Li Hui and others before the assault.They were beaten and threatened, and their freedom was restricted.Later in the early hours of the morning, li Hui was taken to a remote road.Many rejections also show their attitude.But in the end is in a desolate, Li Hui has repeatedly threatened the situation.I have to give in.Belong to surrender, not do not want to, but dare not.Criminal responsibility should be investigated for rape.In view of the fact that the crime can be truthfully confessed after the case, can be given a lighter punishment.With the understanding of the victim and his family, a lighter punishment may be given as appropriate.Sentenced to three years in prison.For more of our best stories, follow us here

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