These letters are the power of dreams

Beijing Olympics the ice-snow athletes have won nine gold 4 silver and 2 bronze well the best record in the history of inspired countless Chinese people in addition to cheer in front of the TV up there was some “action”, they have to send a handwritten letter expressed in the traditional way of ice-snow athletes are the most sincere admiration of love according to the state general administration of sports winter sports management center has received letters and brightPiece of more than 1000 winter Olympics after closing the athletes finally organic exhibition letter read recently they pick out more than 10 sealing serious letter these letter will be sent according to the address as soon as possible write Wu Dajing letter write small make up SuiWenJing letter carefully appreciate the letter can not help but sigh athletes is our role model can “fan of ice and snow” excellence absolutely great richesWriting and neat handwriting is literally “fan of ice and snow” the standard of a variety of fonts and brief strokes are embodied in the small detail in the full support and love these writers have also reading primary school children also have to follow years witness athletes experience peak and trough of fan of ice and snow “senior” had been athletes to inspire hope in learning perseverance, no hurry not rashness students hope is still hereIce-snow athletes find “love” and “perseverance” adults are small make up to notice the athletes letter mention a word: “dream” Su Yi wong wrote in reply efforts will never deceive hope everyone try to pursue their dreams Xu Mengtao told the fans support their four years “the dream is there, you can!”Yan Wengang hopes that you will grow up with dreams and love in the future. Ren Ziwei said in his reply that you should live as a beam of light, confident and open.Gao Tingyu hopes that the children who write to him can also become heroes in the eyes of others in the future. These ice athletes who win gold and silver for the motherland must have goals to pursue and dreams to achieve now,They become a new model for teaching with the power of a dream no matter what your role model who is all of them are the way you want to be if you were motivated to step by step to hero you have become the people’s heroes, near the seemingly unreachable dream reporter: Xu Shihao, liu Yang editor: Wu Junkuan, bo-wen wu

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