What is China Life’s opening product for 2022

There are three products are: Xin Yu Jin Sheng, Xin Yu nian, Xin Yu zhen enjoy.1. Xinyu Jinsheng: The age group for insurance is 0-72 years old, and you can choose to pay one-time premium, 3-year premium and 5-year premium.The insurance period can be 8 years or 10 years.A fixed amount of money is refunded each year from the date of the contract until the expiration of the policy, and the amount is related to the number of years of contributions.2. Xinyu Annual: The age group of insured is 0-65 years old, and they can choose lump sum payment, 3-year payment, 5-year payment and 8-year payment and 10-year payment.The insurance period is 15 years.Guoshouxinyu annual death insurance in 2022 includes death insurance in case the insured person dies unexpectedly before receiving the birthday bonus 3.Xinyu Zhen Enjoy: Xinyu Jinsheng and Xinyu Zhen Enjoy are almost the same, but the guarantee period is slightly different. The guarantee period of Xinyu Jinsheng has two options: 8 years and 10 years, while the guarantee period of Xinyu Zhen enjoy has only one option: 10 years.

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