After two people!Seven more Chinese women’s basketball players tested positive for nucleic acid, and the Chinese basketball Association has taken emergency measures

Seven new women’s national basketball Team members tested positive for nucleic acid after two of them tested positive on Feb. 14, according to the official social media of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) on Feb. 17.The Cba immediately reported the situation to the Chinese Embassy and decided to set up a green channel in special hospitals to provide timely diagnosis and treatment as needed.We urgently requested Beijing Youan Hospital to appoint 7 experts, including the president, vice president, director of medical Service, director of infection Department and director of infection control Department, to form a team to provide telemetry guidance and consultation services;The requirement of one nucleic acid test on the first, fourth, seventh and fourteenth days will be adjusted to one test every day.Trapped for the women’s basketball team in Serbia event, in fact, it is the window of the previous period, shock of the Chinese women’s basketball team team World Cup race, basketball association security team is fully ready to logistics, but in the prevention and control conditions of abroad and domestic, there are obvious gap, to this, after finish the Chinese women’s basketball team of Serbia, routine nucleic acid detection,At one point, there were two positive cases, and then the Basketball association urgently contacted the Serbian embassy, hoping to find relevant help.However, two days later, the number of new Chinese women’s basketball team is still on the rise, from the original two years increased to 7, it is obvious that the women’s basketball team can not return to China in a short time, basically become a foregone conclusion.According to previous media reports, Yao Ming, president of the Chinese Basketball Association, is also on the list. Although no specific positive players or staff members have been announced, Yao has communicated with each of them individually and will do his best to bring them home safely.Chinese women’s basketball team play the window period of Serbia, in the face of Nigeria’s women’s basketball team, French team, Mali, women’s basketball team is averaging 20 points victory respectively, which is very representative, especially in the face of the Tokyo Olympic Games bronze medal winner of the French women’s basketball team, once crazy – 33 points, is undoubtedly usher in a new golden generation, and the latest issue of the women’s basketball team World Cup list,The Chinese women’s basketball team is second only to the United States.In this regard, under the level of winning honor for the country, these girls went to Serbia to fight for the nucleic acid test positive, The Chinese Basketball Association used all its strength to ensure the safety of the relevant personnel, but also hope that the outside world can give more support and understanding.

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