Psychology: The most addictive women men have have three things in common

A man is destined to have two women, one for occasionally miss, the other is deep love daily necessities of life so how to seize a man’s heart, let him hell-bent only like you a person?You know what they say, men aren’t bad, women don’t love.Women like a slightly bad but very spoony man, the same truth, men will have the same psychology.Men prefer a little bad to a sensible woman.This is the kind of woman who, from time to time, brings surprises to her life and keeps it fresh.So how do you become a bad woman?The women men are most addicted to have three things in common.The woman who will act like a spoiled woman says that the woman is dead good, ditch deep, ditch shallow is not important, as long as will act like a spoiled woman – “Act like a spoiled woman best life” face a gentle and charming, know the woman of interest, and have that man can resist.She will bring men a different world, they know how to act like a spoiled child in front of men, know how to show weakness, give them warmth, give them honey, bring them different feelings, not the same good, you think such a woman, men will refuse?So if you want to keep a man’s heart, you have to give him the spiritual infatuation, the benefits of life.Men almost have no resistance to the woman who will act in pettish.Gentle woman gentle but people is an important embodiment of feminine taste, it can be said that gentle and considerate is the pronoun of women.A gentle woman who knows how to care for a man.They do not deliberately, but not easily revealed, everything looks so natural.Let a man in the depths of the heart feel a trace of warmth, the surface does not look what, but the heart already ready to move.The more seemingly simple gentle, the more let a man can not forget for a long time.Every man has more or less oedipal complex, sometimes men are more like children than women, they like the feeling of being cared for.The more you know how to grasp the gentle woman, the more men addicted.Every morning and evening, never tired, looking back, gentle water, overflowing heart.Make a wish to love you.The advantage of frank young woman is forgivable frank, bold, unscrupulous heart love, want, hate, hate without embellishing declared in the mouth – Haruki Murakami used to listen to gentle whispers, always let men feel how much is not true.In life, men prefer women who are frank and cheerful.This kind of woman gives a person brand-new feeling, not affectation, say what you say.Laugh when you are happy and cry when you are sad.Always let men want to make friends with her, think this kind of woman is particularly interesting.And she felt particularly comfortable together, not because of a careless word and quarrel.For frank women, their heart is stronger than others.For those they don’t like, they will speak out directly, which will often lead to losses, which will further stimulate men’s desire to protect.You want to make friends with an honest woman, but you also want to protect her.Frank woman, let men addicted, can not forget for a long time.Now everyone in society is talking about equality between men and women.But in fact, men still have to work harder than women, the pressure will be more.Although it is not recommended that men stay outside and women stay in, two people together should support each other.Sometimes knowing is more important than doing.Men know you are not easy, and women should learn to understand men is not easy.Two people understand each other like, common progress, mutual attraction is the most addictive men.Occasionally acting in pettish is the sweetness of life, the appropriate tenderness is the lubricant of life, and each other frankly, frank trust is the foundation of life.May the wind cut every grain of dust, may the soul reach the end of memory, may all the vastness be reduced to small, may every loneliness embrace resonance.Let the skirt with flowers, let the years wind flat

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