The Lord of Heaven fell, changed into a fairy stone, returned after sweeping the world eight wastelands

The readers who have seen the list of deities know that there is a very powerful congenital saint in the book, who has cut three corpses into a saint and has the unquenchable practice. This immortal is a well-known god of heaven.From the content of the book, we can know that the master of Tongtianjiao is Hongjun, who founded the Biyou Palace in the three world famous, and even the momentum of ten thousand immortals.The fifteenth time, haotian Emperor let yuan Shi Tianzun executive canonization list, choose 365 is god.In order to complete the Haotian Emperor’s will, The beginning of the Yuan Tian Zun sent Jiang Ziya down the mountain, to help the completion of the Empress Wu King zhou, with this opportunity to complete the Haotian Emperor’s title of god.When King Wu attacked king Zhou on the road, his disciples acted against heaven, which led to the famous people on the list of deities were almost all his disciples and grandchildren.After king Wu cut king Zhou, the blue you Palace of the Lord of heaven no longer exists, he is very unwilling, he put under the array of immortals, the decisive battle yuan Shi Tian Zun.In order to defeat the Tongtian Master, Yuan Shi Tianzun teamed up with a number of congenital saints, and finally broke the Array of immortals and defeated The Tongtian Master.According to the haotian Emperor’s will, the deities who were defeated on the way of king Wu’s attack zhou, they are famous people on the list of deities, and tongtian Lord is no exception.When the four sages teamed up again to deal with the Tongtian Master, Hongjun came down from the sky and stopped the duel between the four sages and Tongtian Master.Because hongjun patriarch very love tongtianjiao Lord, he took tongtianjiao Lord to the Purple Palace.He said he was punishing Him, but he saved him.Said in front of the list is haotian Emperor’s will, tongtianjiao Lord was defeated on the road of King Wu against zhou, he should also be a famous person on the list.Hongjun Lao Zu privately saved the Tongtian Lord, he is not afraid of haotian Emperor’s punishment?On the first occasion, the empress Nu Wa tried to attack King Zhou of shang, but was wounded by hao Tian with a flash of red light.In fact, Hongjun Lao Zu is also afraid of haotian Emperor punishment, so he took tongtianjiao Lord to purple Xiao Gong, to a trick to hide, is to let tongtianjiao Lord’s body fall, keep the Tongtianjiao Lord yuan God.In the devil celestial circle that time, yuan Shi Tian Zun once said “the gods list is hao Tian Emperor’s will, tongtian God if dare to violate, Hao Tian Emperor blame down, Hongjun Lao Zu can not bear.”From this point of view, we can know that Haotian Emperor is superior to Hongjun.Hongjun Lao Zu secretly away tongtian Lord, also violated the Haotian Emperor’s will, so went to the Purple Palace, he changed his name, renamed bodhi ancestor.Immortal array that time, the book mentioned the origin of tongtianjiao Lord, remember the book said “mixed yuan body is congenital, such as immovable number at the beginning of the mystery.”When tongtianjiao Lord went to purple Sky Palace, in order to hide haotian Emperor, Hongjun Old zu let Tongtianjiao Lord’s body fall, yuan God on a fairy stone inside, throw to the mountains of flowers and fruits, let it absorb the essence of heaven and earth and reiki.Later, Hongjun changed his name, renamed bodhi patriarch, to the Buddha’s turf practice.After five hundred years of time, the piece of fairy stone on the mountain of flowers and fruits gave birth to a stone monkey, got the enlightenment of bodhi patriarch, learned to loop clouds and seventy-two changes, this stone monkey is the sun Wukong of great trouble in heaven later.We all know that The power of Hongjun Lao Jun is above that of Tai Lao Jun and Tathagata Buddha, so he changed his name to Bodhi Patriarch and practiced in the territory of Tathagata Buddha, who did not know the existence of Bodhi Patriarch.In “Journey to the West”, Sun Wukong is a congenital sage from birth, which makes many readers feel strange.In fact, sun Wukong’s previous life is a congenital saint, the name is called tongtianjiao Lord, master is the Purple Sky palace hongjun old zu.Why is sun Wukong said to be the Lord of heaven in his previous life?In fact, in the seventh time, the book has told the reader, remember the book said “mixed element body is a congenital, such as immovable number at the beginning of the mystery.All mercury is not in the furnace for a long time, and the way of apes matches the human heart.”From the content of the seventh chapter, we can conclude that sun Wukong’s previous life was a well-known God.When the Monkey King learned to somersault clouds and 72 changes, he caused havoc in the Underworld and the East China Sea dragon Palace.When he was in heaven, he not only stole the flat peach of the Queen mother, but also stole the nine turns of golden Dan of the old Gentleman.As the Queen mother refused to invite Sun Wukong to the banquet, sun Wukong caused havoc in Heaven and swept the world.In order to catch Sun Wukong, the Jade Emperor had to call on Buddha, the Buddha of the Buddhist world, and finally caught Sun Wukong.As a result of Sun Wukong is a congenital sage, has ten thousand unquenchable repair, all sorts of magic weapons can not hurt him.The Buddha and the Jade Emperor were unable to do anything. After much thinking, the Buddha decided to seal the Monkey King under the Five Elements Mountain for five hundred years.

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