The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, more than 8 billion “red envelope rain” hit, people participate in how much can you grab?

With the rush of people to return home, the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is gradually approaching, people around the New Year is becoming more and more strong, when it comes to the Chinese New Year, naturally, there is no red envelope.The annual red envelope war has been a traditional program of Internet companies. Now the user growth rate of major Internet platforms is slowing down and entering the era of stock game. This annual highlight is to throw huge amounts of cash at each other to grab users but also to increase user stickiness.Internet companies such as, Alibaba and Kuaishou have launched their red envelope campaigns for the Spring Festival, with the total amount of red envelopes now exceeding 8 billion yuan.Following’s announcement that it has reached an exclusive interactive partnership with CCTV for the 2022 Spring Festival Gala and will give out red envelopes and goods worth 1.5 billion yuan on New Year’s Eve, Douyin has launched a warm Chinese Year campaign that will give away up to 2 billion yuan in red envelopes during the Spring Festival.And quickly also unwilling to lag behind, the 2022 Spring Festival activities have formally officer xuan started, will be on New Year’s eve the day to participate in the user to issue 2.2 billion yuan worth of red envelopes, in addition, baidu has launched its own good luck 2022 activities in China and also has been officially open, activity of red packets, the same total amount reached 2.2 billion yuan, and during the Spring Festival,Baidu will also cooperate with more than 10 enterprises, including Meituan, Xiaohongshu and SF Icon, to create one-stop Spring Festival services.And alipay has continued for six years set five blessings divided red envelope activity is also as scheduled, set five blessings users will share 500 million red envelope, it is worth noting that, in order to play different from the past, this year’s activity is open to businesses, more than 1000 businesses will become the protagonist,Merchants can issue fat cards for users across the country through their own alipay mini program, life number, App and other private domain positions.Internet giant fame and fortune is worth mentioning that pure than before on the amount of red envelopes, nowadays with more and more Internet users to enter, the range of interactive marketing cycle during the Spring Festival is becoming more and more big, lively red envelope marketing already is not limited to, for the center with an App but positive interaction within the ecological products.And in this year can break out a great amount of traffic in the arena, the Internet companies launched a huge red envelope and a variety of activities every year, behind it is also for the flow of competition, users and ecological competition above the layout and contest.Therefore, in addition to the amount of red envelope, the current platform is to launch a variety of interactive activities, in order to differentiate the expression, strive to make themselves stand out, so as to win more users and traffic.Say well quickly, it’s New Year activities are divided into the venue at the main venue of the Spring Festival and New Year’s eve, the user can in January 19 to January 31, the activities of the period, in the main by recruit activities to win a red envelope, 5 off shall be 36 yuan cash bonus, top ten thousand complete set card will receive $666 cash bonus, flip phones to meet the god of wealth maximum $6666 cash bonus,Such rich red envelopes and interactive links make it hard for netizens to refuse.But don’t look at the Internet giant’s big red envelopes, and she actually to everyone and there is not much, and users need to spend a lot of time after a series of activities to get, such not only brought huge traffic, at the same time, it is to give yourself a advertising, and also to many sponsorships, is a lot!In fact, each big Internet companies give Chinese New Year red envelopes are each have intention, but no matter what the purpose is, is the first real feedback users, and for the people, the size of the red envelope is only the second, more important is the joy of the people, during the Spring Festival can grab a red envelope, and there are more ways to pass the time, can also have more topics with friends and family,Why not just collect the wool from the mill?

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