Another street view idea!Lego Ideas’ library ‘received 10,000 votes of support

Lego fans can benefit from The old saying, “Read a book, learn a book.” Recently, The Library was selected as The 10th title for The first review phase of The lego Ideas platform in 2022, where bookworms can spend their reading time in peace.The latest piece to reach 10,000 tickets is made by Fan designer Jiwoo (aka Jiwoo Seon Studio) from Seoul, South Korea, who is a Lego fan in addition to being a designer himself.A look at Jiwoo’s social media profile shows that nearly 8,000 people already follow him there.Jiwoo registered his Ideas account in September 2019. After two years of silence, the “Library” emerged in December 2021, and he submitted another work a month later.Jiwoo has clearly hit the hearts of a large number of fans, with the first 1,000 fans being won over by the model within three days and half of the tickets being raised shortly after Christmas.Finally, after 43 days, Jiwoo successfully joined the 10K club, which is gratifying.The idea to create this design began with a small dream: Jiwoo wanted to build his own library when he was a child, so that people could enjoy the smell of books, that is, books.This wish is now realized through Ideas.With 2,990 tiles, Jiwoo created a model with a street View architectural style and included a librarian human.The library is located on a 32×32 studs, with pencil-shaped benches on the side before entering.On the other side of the building there is a huge book stand, which is the entrance to the library and undoubtedly the main attraction.The book can even be opened from behind, revealing the structure and stairs of each floor inside.The first floor is a large reading room with a long history of library style.Here we see tables arranged in neat rows, each with a lamp.Large floor-to-ceiling Windows allow plenty of daylight, but the hall still feels dark and mysterious, with a wizard-school feel.The real gold room is on the second floor.Books are placed on layers of shelves and you can read them at any time.There are even two busts in honor of the great writer, giving the room a sense of heaviness.On the third floor, there is also a roof terrace.Jiwoo has arranged a small resting space for those who are tired of reading books, where you can relax or enter another moment of meditation.Like street view buildings, you can break down each floor to see the structure, and also connect with the rest of the street by means of technology pins on the side.We found the building fascinating and creative.The reading room on the ground floor is designed in an old library style, even in a medieval style, and many fans will love this model.But what would lego officials think?A review of the Ideas history reveals that a similar “Street View Library” was officially rejected during the second review phase in 2015.While street View buildings on the Ideas platform are quite popular and many of their works have been qualified for the review, only 21310 Old Fishing Shop convinced the official designer review team with its non-IP Ideas.Other streetscape ideas were rejected.Since Lego has launched its own street View theme every year since 2007, and since January 2020, 10270 bookstore has also been launched, “Library” theme is too overlapping to some extent.So we don’t think it’s going to make it through the official censor, or even into the BrickLink Designer crowdfunding campaign, since there are very few streetscape buildings in the crowdfunding.So far, 10 entries have entered the first review phase of the lego Ideas platform for 2022. The other nine entries are space Age stories, classic cat clocks, steampunk airships, mini City models: London Underground, Lego Toilets, Lego Koala, Wild West Mining Areas, legendary Concorde, and Forest Man Secret Hotel.

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