Fleur-de-lis blossom like butterflies, encounter a little spring freshness in Nanjing

Modern Express news (reporter Lu Heyan/article Zhao Jie/photo) Iris bloom season, just like a butterfly flying, as if to spread the breath of spring to the distance.In Nanjing old men east, roadside, wall side, in full bloom a romantic purple, grey wall green leaves, fragrance overflowing, let a person relaxed and happy.Irises come in a variety of iridescent colors, the most common being blue and purple.Purple February blue, white and purple iris, like a white, purple butterfly.The leaves are long and graceful, green and green, and the flowers are large and beautiful, blooming from April to June.Through a flower in full bloom, let a person can not help but take its most beautiful appearance.Remind everyone to wear masks, civilized flowers oh.Source: Modern Express All Media

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