Guizhou High Speed Group completed and put into operation 47 pairs of charging piles

Recently, Peng Chao, a liupanshui resident, drove a new energy car along the Shanghai-Kunming expressway to the Longgong service area and charged his car in less than 20 minutes.He said he often drives his neV to Guiyang because of charging piles in the high-speed service area.47 pairs of charging piles, more than 30 districts (counties), can serve tens of thousands of vehicles……At present, guizhou High Speed Group has built 47 pairs of charging piles in hukun, Lanhai, Songcong, Xiarong, Huiluo, Huixing, Yuzhu, Du ‘an, Guiyang Ring and other expressway service areas.”Last year, six pairs of charging piles were built in our service area, which can be used by 12 new energy vehicles.”He Yan, manager of longgong service Area, said all the new energy charging piles can fully meet the charging needs of passing vehicles.From Liupanshui to Guiyang, Peng will charge his car at the Longgong service area.He gave the reporter to calculate an account, on the highway, new energy cars only spend 0.07 yuan to 0.1 yuan can run a kilometer, and oil cars need 0.5 yuan.”In the past, there were fewer charging piles, and running at high speed would worry about running out of electricity. Now there are more charging piles, and the charging time is also short, and the new energy cars are driving very steadily.”Peng Chao said.According to Liang Zuhuai, party secretary and chairman of guizhou Expressway Group high-speed Investment Group, “We save space to build stations, improve the performance of charging piles, gradually expand the coverage of charging piles, in order to effectively solve the new energy owners find difficult piles, mileage anxiety and other urgent problems.”He also introduced that the invested charging pile is based on the space-saving construction concept of “anti-rolling, anti-flooding, and does not occupy space”, and adopts technologies such as strong and weak electric separation, group pipe group control, split design, and two-layer protection of charging network. The charging time is reduced by 40% year-on-year, and the performance has reached the leading level of the industry.It is understood that this year, the high-speed investment group plans to invest in the construction of new charging piles in majang, Sankeshu and other 15 service areas to further meet the charging demand of new energy vehicles driving on the highway.(reporter Shen Yunfan) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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