Help the Winter Olympics!”Made in Wuxi” will meet the highlight moment again!

“Made in Wuxi” will meet the highlight moment again!Who makes athlete’s suit?Jiangsu Wuxi looking for “sunshine”!Reporters learned from Jiangsu Sunshine Group, “China ice and snow · athletes business formal attire” has been officially released.The Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China awarded Jiangsu Sunshine Group the title of “China Ice and snow Business Formal Dress Partner”.This means that in the future, Chinese athletes will wear business formal suits made by Jiangsu Sunshine Group, a Wuxi company.It is understood that Jiangsu Sunshine Group received the design task of “business formal wear for athletes” from the National Winter Sports Management Center on September 24, 2021.Adhering to the spirit of “task is bigger than day”, Sunshine Group promotes the development and production work in an orderly manner.By the middle of December, with the unique design and “people-oriented” service concept, we have completed the selection of more than 60 fabric samples, the development, production and modification of 36 samples, and the optimization of hundreds of buttons, and finally successfully completed the design and sample production tasks of “athletes business formal wear”.In the design of suit series, the main visual color of suit jacket and trousers is taken from the traditional Chinese color black blue.”Remote mountain Handai”, distant blue, meaning athletes all the way to the summit of the far peak.The color of the female athletes’ half-dress is “ruyi Head” of the ancient dragon robe and “snow gray” of the heavy brocade “Color woven Paradise Map Axis”, which is consistent with the snow and ice culture, implying that athletes ride the snow field and win gold and silver.In the design of suit collar, the design team chose fashionable business style banquette lapel, with delicate beaded edge technology;Women’s suit slim version with belt, more personality and figure;The buttons of men’s suits are metal buttons. The pattern on the buttons is a highlight of the design. According to the design principle of “the picture must be intentional and the meaning must be auspicious”, the traditional Chinese auspicious pattern — “All the way lianke” is adopted.In the center of the button is a lotus flower, with four flying herons hovering around the lotus.Among them, “lu” is connected with “lu”, “Lian” is connected with “lotus”, “Yi Lu Lotus” is homonym of “Lian Ke all the way”, the original intention is for the examinee to win the gold medal, which means that the athletes make more achievements in the competition and win the crown.In terms of the fabric research and development of suits, the design team fully considers the winter climate characteristics and the thermal needs of athletes, and adopts cashmere, known as “diamond fiber”, as the textile material, to create an effective balance of “temperature” and “grace” wearing experience.Yu Yan, head of the sunshine design team, said: considering the needs of different wearing scenes of “athletes business formal wear”, the design task highlights the “implicit design” of “from the outside to the inside”, in order to fit the wisdom characteristics and pragmatic character of the era of scientific and technological innovation.Wei Yuyu, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, spoke highly of jiangsu Sunshine Group’s successful completion of the design and production of “business formal wear for athletes”.Wei Yu for said: as the “China business suit partners” snow and ice, jiangsu sunshine group by “glimmer, a wisp, wholeheartedly” action, strong highlights the “spirit of the great powers”, relying on the “China brand” creative power, and fully display the “techniques and art” of the Oriental culture, and the power and beauty of ice and snow sports.Jiangsu Sunshine Group, in addition to the suit series designed for the National Winter Sports Management Center, also designed and produced a set of Chinese dress series, clothing inspired by the traditional Chinese landscape painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” and the core graphics of the Winter Olympics “competition area of the mountain”.Winter there are quite a number of games is held in hilly mountain, so the design team to learn traditional Chinese culture with soft beauty, the visit of “mountain culture”, emphasize a symbol of power (state force pulling shan xi qi) and a sign of stability (rain motionless AnRuShan), show the movement all appropriate, high mountain water long eastern clothing aesthetic artistic conception.”Nine gao, the sound in the sky”, flying between the mountains of crane, from crane elegant generous, ambition, at the same time crane is also a symbol of good luck, longevity, wealth.In addition, the design team dug deep into the creative transformation of traditional color culture, closely related to the snow and ice elements and national characteristics, in the Chinese dress series, introduced three colors for choice: Xianguang red, sky blue and jade green — “the sky glow into the water, the water sky temporarily red”.Xiaguang red, meaning sunrise in the East, represents enthusiasm and hope;● Ji Blue, from the Chinese traditional ceramic treasures ji blue glaze color, like rain after the blue sky, like water, fresh quietly elegant;● “Lanling wine tulips, jade bowl filled with amber light.”Jade green is like a jade bowl full of fine wine, glittering and translucent, elegant and charming.During the design process of the Chinese dress series, there are more than 10 modification schemes, a total of 84 schemes, and 38 fabrics are developed according to the schemes. The embroidery on the clothing starts with machine embroidery and French embroidery, and finally adopts the “Suzhou embroidery” process with the characteristics of “flat, neat, fine, dense, harmonious, smooth, smooth and even”.In recent years, Jiangsu Sunshine Group, with the responsibility of “serving the country wholeheartedly and making clothes with originality”, has successfully participated in the development, design and production of clothing for a series of large-scale activities and important events, and has never been absent in showing the image and style of a big country.In addition to actively assisting the National Winter Sports Management Center and successfully completing the design and production of athletes’ business formal suits, the gallant honor guard protocol uniforms of the three armed forces at the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China,The dignified ceremonial dress at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the “police dress” newly added to the police uniform system of the Ministry of Public Security in 2021 are also the works of Sunshine Group.Sunshine people know the truth of “national prosperity leads to family prosperity”. In the future, we will continue to uphold the original aspiration, fight against the waves, and jointly build the great dream of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.(Source: Wuxi Daily Editor: Yi Yi)

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