Interlocking blocks of moulded concrete flow

Vegetative chain block mold size generally won’t appear too big change, when using the mould will be between polypropylene rope into the mold, used for reinforcing chain block, polypropylene rope rope more longer than normal, then directly casting mud, forming the chain block directly into the provisions of the construction area, between the chain block is an active area of two centimeters,Therefore, it can adapt to the more complex construction environment.Interlocking block moulds have the ability to flow and fill around the model and steel bar by means of devices such as vibrating rods that overcome internal resistance and bond between concrete and formwork and steel bars.Concrete flow is good, easy to operate, easy to tamp, forming, do not cause concrete forming “honeycomb”, “pockmarked surface” and other phenomena.However, if the fluidity is too large, it is easy to affect the compactness and uniformity of concrete.Different components, such as thin plates with little reinforcement, have very different requirements for fluidity than dense reinforcement columns.

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