Masashi Kumagai: If you can’t beat China, you are still far from winning the world championship

Beijing, Feb 04 (Xinhua) — China beat Japan in a penalty shootout to advance to the final of the Women’s Asian Cup.After the game, The Japanese women’s team captain Kumagai Sakashi was interviewed.The penalty shootout is decided by ikeda after consultation with each player.I am very sorry that I missed the penalty and let the team down.As a team, I would have preferred to have finished the game before the penalty shootout.In both games against Korea and China, we controlled the ball and scored goals.The biggest problem for us is that at the start of the second half and with little time left in the game, when the opposition attack, we can keep the ball.How to control the game is a very important question.Like today’s game, how did we respond to those moments where we wanted to and had to defend the goal at the end?How to operate?Like who gets the ball, who gets it into the corner area, we have to be careful about that.Lessons must be learned from this game.As for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, players and teams can’t compete with the world’s best without growing up.It was a disappointing result and if we don’t beat China here today, TO be honest, I think we are still a long way from the world championship.Compared to other parts of the world, the standard of women’s football in Asia is not high, which is a fact we have to accept.We can’t go on like this to win the world championship.

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