Qiqihar Branch of China Mobile donated epidemic prevention and control equipment to our school

On the morning of April 7th, GUI Yonggang, general manager of China Mobile Qiqihar Longsha Division Company, visited the school to donate “Hecheng Safe Code” auxiliary broadcasting system equipment in the conference room 603 south of the library building, helping the epidemic prevention management at the school gate and the entrance of the building.Bai Xue, vice president, Li Yuping, director of graphic information Center, and Zhang Jingwen, deputy director of Security Department attended the donation ceremony.At the donation ceremony, technicians explained and demonstrated various functions of the “Crane City Safe Code” auxiliary broadcasting system. By scanning the QR code at the entrance and exit of the mobile phone wechat, the Internet of Things speaker can accurately report the health code of the scanner.The use of the system does not require personal close contact inspection, and it can realize the unique authenticity management of the field data of scanning code, and can not be tampered with by screenshots and other ways, so as to ensure the authenticity of data, and avoid concealment and unsafe contact in the process of scanning code inspection.Thank qiqihar branch of China mobile, vice President of the snow, she said, in school and epidemic prevention work is facing new challenges and the key period of the new test, epidemic prevention and control in your company provided power and epidemic prevention work in our school, reveal the enterprise’s responsibility and bear, more accurately for the school management personnel access, enhancing safety defence provides security, scientific,It is believed that with the support of China Mobile Qiqihar Branch, the teachers, students and staff of Qiqi Project will unite as one and achieve the final victory in the battle against normalized epidemic prevention and control.

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