Chinese women’s football team conquers opponents!Japan’s coach of this statement, indirectly explained why men’s football failure

Chinese women’s football team conquers opponents!The Japanese coach of this statement, indirectly explained why the men’s football team failed.Rather than flinch against Asia’s top-ranked Japan in the semi-finals of the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup, China were always looking for attacking opportunities and Wu Chengshu equalised in the second half after Riko Yagi scored.In extra time, Yagi Riko scored twice, and Wang Shanshan scored a goal soon after, making the two teams 2-2 in the regular time civil war.Zhu saved two penalties in the shootout and China beat Japan 4-3 on penalties, 6-5 on aggregate, to advance to the final.From the data, as well as on the field, the Chinese women’s team is weak, the Japanese women’s football has been dominated the field attack, but the Chinese women’s team did not give up, always do on the pitch the foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, showed the spirit of perseverance and never give up, the game is a fight against longer odds of classic battle, although the core of the Chinese women’s football players wang shuang foot can’t come because it is over,But the team pulled together and won.And the Chinese women’s soccer team performance is to conquer the opponent, the Japanese women’s football coach ShuaiChi field is in an interview give high comments on the Chinese women’s football, ShuaiChi field first expressed congratulations to the Chinese women’s football too, and was surprised at the performance of the Chinese women’s football, especially in the case of lack of players, the team still played very tenacious, although feel pain for the defeat,But you have to accept the result.After the Japanese women’s football team lost the match, Ikeda did not find any objective reasons and praised the Performance of the Chinese women’s football team, which showed his sportsmanship.Reporting on the match, the People’s Daily also said that the Chinese women’s soccer team had set an example of what an attitude should be when faced with a strong player.On the other hand, the Chinese men’s soccer team lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Lunar New Year, which angered many Chinese fans.You should know that on paper, The Chinese men’s football team will not be weaker than Vietnam, but the result is that the Chinese men’s football team lost 3-1.ShuaiChi field too to the Chinese women’s praise, actually can also explain why the Chinese football fail, because compared with Chinese women’s football, China football is lack of the spirit of perseverance, a lack of desire to fight, to say the Chinese football in the face of the opponent did not dare to strong-arm reaction of courage, it can only be rivals in beating “black and blue”, compared with the Chinese women’s team,The Chinese men’s football team is more like a tour group than a team, and they forgot about glory.

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