Is Masayoshi Son’s fortune down $25 billion a year due to SoftBank’s stock price crash?

As head of the software banking group, Mr Son has reaped huge personal wealth over the years.In 2020, Masayoshi Son ranked 50th on hurun’s Global Top 100 Entrepreneurs list with a fortune of 135 billion yuan.But the change in fortune is a direct reflection of how difficult times have been for one of the world’s richest men.According to CNMO, Mr Son’s personal wealth has “evaporated” by $25bn in the past year.According to recent media reports, valuations of technology companies in SoftBank’s portfolio have fallen in recent months as a result of the Fed’s tightening cycle.SoftBank itself, meanwhile, is not immune.Amid the investment woes, SoftBank’s share price has fallen by as much as two-thirds from its peak in March last year.Mr. Son’s personal fortune is now estimated at $13.5 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a decline of nearly $25 billion over the past year.It is well known that SoftBank owns and invests in numerous companies, especially in the technology sector covering almost the entire territory, and alibaba is one of them.But previously buoyant tech companies have turned into a liability for SoftBank in the past few months.Investments such as Paytm, The Indian version of Alipay, have collectively taken a beating in the past few months, while shares in Alibaba, SoftBank’s biggest investment, are down 35 per cent this year.To add insult to injury, SoftBank’s sale of ARM to Nvidia ended, a major blow to Son.

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