Ninety year old man is dying, son and grandson contend to be filial son, just for a set of 60 square meters broken house?

Nearly 9 years old mother is dying, Li Siqi want to be filial piety before bed but blocked by nephew, said he was in a few years ago for two thousand yuan forced death grandfather, unworthy for the son of man.Li Siqi thinks that his nephew supports his mother for the property. Now Li Siqi really wants to be filial or to have other plans?The anxious woman in the picture is liu Li, the old man’s daughter-in-law. She leads the reporter to a room of less than 10 square meters, the dormitory where she and her husband li Siqi live.As soon as liu sat down in the cramped room, she began to cry about her ordeal.87-year-old mother-in-law recently fell ill, although their own family situation is not good, but still hope to do a filial piety with her husband in front of her mother-in-law’s bed, but such a tiny wish, nephew Xu Xiaoming did not let it come true.Li siqi was also criticized by his neighbors for not being able to show filial piety at his mother’s bedside, which made the couple very aggrieved.When his mother was just hospitalized, Xu Xiaoming did not disclose a little wind, Li Siqi and his wife learned the news from their neighbors, they think That Xu Xiaoming this behavior is obviously another plan.Then reporters and Li Siqi found the mother of the hospital, at this time the old mother Xie Man Ying in a comatose state, looks very bad.Before the hospital bed is Xu Xiaoming to her escort aunt, heard uncle came to the hospital Xu Xiaoming came in a hurry, in order not to affect the rest of the elderly, he called reporters, uncle, aunt stairwell.In Xu Xiaoming’s view, this matter from beginning to end is a skeleton in the family, uncle aunt’s behavior he only used two words to describe: cold.Originally in 2018, my grandmother had been hospitalized, and my uncle promised that he would take care of my grandmother. But later, my grandmother went home alone, and Xu Xiaoming asked again and again to know that my uncle had left early and did not take care of her in the hospital.So this time no matter how uncle assures, Xu Xiaoming does not let him take care of the elderly.Nephew said these Li Siqi couple deny death, and told reporters that the nephew did so, is for the old man a 60 flat house.Subsequently the reporter comes to the house that Li Siqi says, just this is not what currant person of extraordinary powers, however an old residential building, that resembles li Siqi to say really, does Xu Xiaoming have ulterior motives to such a house?In their 10-square-meter dormitory, Liu revealed a secret about the couple. It turned out that Liu and Li divorced eight years ago, and their only daughter committed suicide two years ago. After the daughter committed suicide, the two reconciled and relied on Li’s 2,000 yuan monthly retirement salary.For fear that the old man will leave his property and pension to his grandson, so he and Xu Xiaoming fight for the right to support.In fact, with who support, who left the house or to see the meaning of Xie Man Ying old man, at this time Xie Man Ying old man lying in bed, looks like the situation is not very good, but fortunately consciousness is very clear.Speaking of his son, Li Siqi, the old man has been clutching his chest and crying pain. It turned out that his son killed his husband for 2,000 yuan many years ago, and even he wanted to take the pension of his eldest son for himself.Thank man Ying old person is a miserable person, the eldest son died 10 years ago, 3 daughter also was arrested, and now only the son Li Siqi, Thank man Ying old person is very repelling to him however.In the face of his mother’s accusations, Li did not refute and insisted on taking care of his mother, but his ailing mother firmly refused him.Reporters in the local judicial mediation again saw Xu Xiaoming, because last night in the hospital to take care of his grandmother did not sleep all night, at this time he was tired.Xu Xiaoming puts forward the medical expenses that henceforth lets uncle assume together with him, but Liu Li and Li Siqi are very angry to his practice however, do not want to assume the medical expenses of the mother not only, still think Xu Xiaoming swallowed 50 thousand yuan deposit of the mother alone and salary.Xu Xiaoming explained their questions one by one, these years my grandmother lived in a nursing home, buy a wheelchair refrigerator and eat all kinds of drugs, the 50,000 yuan is far from enough.Actually Li Siqi couple or worry about the inheritance of the house, then find community a staff reporter reflects the situation, with house up from many years ago a family dispute, the scheme is one of the old man after one hundred party through legal proceedings, final decision on the ownership of the house, it’s too early to discuss the ownership of the house now.The most important thing is that old people are taken care of properly.We decided to hand over the choice to Xie Manying, the old man’s consciousness is still clear, in the mediator repeatedly asked, the old man decided to let his grandson take care of him.Liu Li deathless heart beside persuasion, but the old man still unmoved.It’s hard to imagine how much the mother hated her son to say something like that.Xu Xiaoming very understand uncle’s virtue, now put this gesture is for money and the house.Xu Xiaoming said should uncle inherit part of their own will not occupy, the cost of the hospital is also willing to bear, only hope uncle aunt can see grandma at ordinary times.However, Li Siqi and his wife are still entangled in the old man’s meager salary, so it is not difficult to understand the attitude of the old man Xie Manying.I hope that li siqi and his wife can reflect on their own shortcomings and visit the old man often in the future.

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