Puyang Oilfield No. 6 Primary School organized all teachers, students and parents to watch the psychological relief micro class

Someone once said: as long as there is a scene in the heart, where is not the flower garden?As the winter vacation approached, the epidemic situation was once again severe, and all kinds of schools turned to online education. Children who lived in the online world lost themselves and could not find their way forward.At this critical juncture, in order to let all the teachers and students and parents in the heart is still “scene”, puyang city bureau of education organization to carry out psychological aid class, include: how parents and children to communicate under the outbreak, occupy the learning ability of self management, how to help children through the special period of anxiety and so on, wide coverage, psychology for effective guidance of teachers and students and parents.Heart such as mirror, always wipe frequently.The sixth primary School of Puyang Oilfield received the notice, under the careful arrangement of vice principal Lv Hui, the head teacher immediately organized all parents and children to watch the psychological relief micro class.Mental health is like a dish, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, all by oneself to adjust.In the face of the epidemic, we are still on the front line of learning. Home learning requires strong self-management ability, setting an example and self-restraint. Parents and children, teachers and everyone work together.We work together to overcome difficulties, for the dream in our hearts and tomorrow’s spring!Open a spring in the winter, open a bright mind world in the psychological micro class.Micro psychology class gives you and me a fulcrum, let us roam in a happy and positive life.Some people see the dust, some people see the stars, it does not matter, the important thing is that we still have a great love for life and life, running in the bright sun and moon, day and night.I often think: if there is a strong heart, it must be the dream with light in front.It’s not just the kids, it’s the parents too.Everyone needs healthy psychological counseling, only in this way, can not be afraid of the years of wind and rain, can not be afraid of the wind and snow of life, can be driven by light!A healthy mind is the source of happiness.In this special winter holiday, we have the psychological feast carefully arranged by puyang Education Bureau, we will be happy to wander in the happy heart.The only thing of value in the world is a man’s alive soul.The year of the Tiger is coming, puyang Oilfield sixth primary school of all teachers and students and parents will be alive with the spirit of the dragon, tiger, tiger and tiger to advance on the road of the new era, let the heart “flower garden”!Submitted by Lu Hui, Han Zhenfeng, Ma Peiyu, Zhou Keji, Wang Xuekang, GUO Songda, Hu Changchuan, Zhang Huaiwei, Wang Chen

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