The 2022 Ningxia Provincial physical examination time has been confirmed

The physical fitness assessment of people’s police positions in the Political and Legal system is scheduled to be conducted in Yinchuan city from February 26 to 28, 2022.Candidates for the people’s police positions in the political and legal system must also take physical fitness tests after online registration.Those who pass the preliminary qualification examination and pass the physical fitness assessment shall be regarded as fully qualified for the position.Those who do not pass the physical fitness assessment can change to other positions that do not require physical fitness assessment before the registration deadline.Iii. Relevant exam preparation personnel should apply for the “Ningxia Epidemic Prevention Health Code” through the “My Ningxia” APP 14 days before the physical fitness test, and punch in the health card every day until the day of the physical fitness test.Exam preparation personnel should enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, do well in personal protection and health management in accordance with the relevant requirements of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for epidemic prevention and control. During the exam preparation period, they should not go to high-risk areas in China or outside China, and avoid gathering activities or crowded places as much as possible.Social distancing should be maintained when traveling, and masks should be worn and hand hygiene protection should be carried out at all times on public transport.In case of fever, dry cough and other acute respiratory symptoms, medical treatment should be timely, so as not to affect the normal participation in the physical assessment.Article source:

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