The two daughters-in-law took different attitudes towards their mother-in-law’s behavior. who do you think did it well?

We have been Shouting for many years, but in some places there is still a preference for boys over girls, and in some places it is even very serious.Because of this, the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is caused.For this contradiction, how to deal with the daughter-in-law, different people take different methods.The text “times have changed, men and women are all the same”, this is the principle, but in some places, the traditional idea of son preference is still very serious.When a daughter-in-law gives birth to a boy, her mother-in-law’s attitude and measures are obviously different from those of a girl.In response, the daughter-in-law will take corresponding measures to fight back.Of course, different daughters-in-law, the means of counterattack is different.Facing the mother-in-law’s treatment of her granddaughter, the daughter-in-law slaps her mother-in-law in the face. Zhengyang is the eldest in the family, with a younger brother and two younger sisters.Because Zhengyang study general, good health, economic conditions at home is not good, so he graduated from junior high school did not go to school, but went to Work in Xinjiang.His younger brother was also an ordinary student. After graduating from high school, he helped his parents do farm work at home.Zhengyang worked so hard to earn money that he built a house for his brother and married a daughter-in-law.In the second year of his brother’s marriage, he was delighted to have a boy, which made his mother-in-law smile from ear to ear all day long.The younger brother gets married and has children, zhengyang is also in love at work.The woman is a xinjiang native, reasonable, zhengyang people only good, not much property.Zhengyang is very satisfied with the woman, without the consent of the elderly at home, in the local and the woman registered marriage.In the second year of their marriage, the woman was pregnant. Zhengyang wanted to give his parents a surprise, so he took his wife back to his hometown and prepared to give birth there.Zhengyang did not expect that his mother was not too satisfied with his daughter-in-law.Zhengyang thought, not satisfied with it, as long as we love each other filial piety parents can.Zhengyang advised the wife to open, the wife is open, but look at the mother-in-law to oneself and the different attitude to sister-in-law, the in the mind to hold a belly fire, but pregnant in the body inconvenience angry is.October pregnancy once childbirth, time quickly passed, Zhengyang’s wife smoothly gave birth to a female, Zhengyang couple are very happy.But the mother-in-law was not happy, seeing her daughter-in-law gave birth to a daughter, she walked away with a face of displeasure, the month is not a day of service.In a twinkling of an eye to the daughter one year old day, Zhengyang according to the local customs prepared to place wine to celebrate.It’s a local custom for the daughter to draw lots before putting out the wine.The so-called lottery is to put money, toys, books and other things in front of the child at the first year of life, and see what the child likes to catch, so as to judge the child’s future career and earning ability.The daughter climbed in front of these things, looking at the dazzling things, directly reached out to take a book, with the other hand took out a piece of paper inside the book, everyone looked, only saw the note: university professor.This indicates that the daughter is interested in university professors and will teach in the future.”My daughter is really promising.” Zhengyang happily picked up his daughter. All the relatives and friends who came were also very happy.At this time, Zhengyang’s mother came to zhengyang, handed her granddaughter a few red envelopes, and stood aside.The public thought that the red envelope is money, so they heckled Zhengyang’s daughter-in-law to open it for everyone.Since Zhengyang daughter-in-law gave birth to her daughter, her mother-in-law or the first time to give her daughter a red envelope, Zhengyang daughter-in-law is happy, took her daughter’s hand in the red envelope.But the red envelope is not a coin, but a piece of white paper, written on different words, the rules are abusive, such as losing money goods, no face and so on.Look at these things, Zhengyang’s daughter-in-law gas does not hit a place to come, go to the mother-in-law in front is positive and negative two box on the ears.The mother-in-law was angry and raised her hand to fight back.The next day, Zhengyang took his wife and children back to Xinjiang, and never contacted his hometown again.Wang Wang and his wife Ou Min are employees of the same state-owned enterprise. The difference is that they have different educational backgrounds. Wang Wang graduated from college and grew up in the countryside.Ou Min is a technician, city, grew up in the city.Ou Min people are beautiful and value men’s education and ability, so she resolutely married Wang Wang in the case of opposition from her family.When the enterprise is not good, Wang Wang and Ou Min married, is to consider the enterprise is not good, they advance and retreat together, consider the future way out together.Soon after their marriage, the enterprise was no longer viable. Wang wang and Ou Min went out and started their own business. They first made a living and then thought of other ways.After running his own business for half a year, Wang decided to go to graduate school and work again, which Ou Min firmly supported.As a result, Wang wang focused on review for half a year, a test, was admitted to a university in Shanghai as a graduate student.Two people discuss, during the postgraduate study, two people are making a child, boys and girls are good, for the future distribution, work to lay a good foundation.As a result, wang Wang and Ou Min were very happy when their daughter came into the world one year later.However, Wang Wang’s mother and Ou Min’s mother-in-law had something to say about it. They were not at all happy. They insisted that the girl was losing money and would not take care of her daughter-in-law’s confinement.At the beginning, Wang wang, Ou Min think that mother just talk, will not take care of, did not expect the mother-in-law really do not take care of, when the hands off the shopkeeper.Twinkling of an eye the child came to the world for a month, the local rules are to give children full moon wine, feast their relatives and friends.On the day of the full moon wine, Omin came to the scene with her baby in her arms. It was very lively for everyone to praise her while watching her baby.Seeing everyone happy to praise the child, one person is not happy, she is Omin’s mother-in-law.Since Ou Min gave birth to a daughter, she was not happy, now see people to praise, she thought this is everyone in sarcasm, regardless of the reception guests, coldly looked at Ou Min said: what good to be happy, give birth to a daughter, sooner or later will be someone else, no matter how good is also a loss of money goods.Hearing this, everyone was speechless, Ou Min was speechless, involuntarily tears flowed out.Her mother-in-law was in a poor family and could not afford to build a house. Her eldest son was only 30 years old and could not find a daughter-in-law.When the enterprise is good, it is his husband who is not willing to eat or wear, and gives his income to the family. He builds a wedding house for his brother and marries a daughter-in-law. He gave birth to two boys in these years.Because he gave birth to a daughter, but do not attract the mother-in-law like, the mother-in-law is too serious about sons over daughters, how to live in the future?Looking at his mother’s attitude and thinking of his wife’s grievance, Wang wang also wanted to be angry, but considering that it was to fill the baby with moon wine and could not have a fit, he wiped his wife’s tears and let her hold back.Put the full moon wine to her daughter, returned home, Ou Min full of grievances, while holding the child while tears.After the child fell asleep, Wang wang hugged his wife and discussed the way forward. Finally, they reached an agreement: First, Wang Wang came to the house with his daughter-in-law and children to apologize to his mother-in-law’s family and hoped that her mother-in-law would temporarily take in her daughter and daughter-in-law.Second, wang Wang will work in the economically developed south after graduation, far away from his hometown. Whether he will contact his hometown depends on the situation.When Wang Wang arrived at his mother-in-law’s home with his daughter and daughter-in-law, her mother-in-law shed tears when she heard what had happened to her daughter. She immediately said that she would let wang Wang settle down to pursue his master’s degree and not worry about the family affairs.Under the care of his mother-in-law’s family, his daughter and daughter-in-law lived a good life. Wang wang graduated without worries and finally contacted a state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen.After wang Wang graduated from graduate school, Wang Wang took his wife and children to Shenzhen from thousands of miles away from the north, and began the scheduled life of his wife and him.In China, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is always a mystery, the good or bad performance of the relationship in all aspects.There are many people who are disliked by their mother-in-law because their daughter-in-law gives birth to a girl, which is obviously wrong.Times are different, men and women are the same, this is not a slogan question, but a very real, very practical question.When a daughter-in-law gives birth to a girl, she is treated coldly by her mother-in-law, unfriendly or even excessively. How does a daughter-in-law treat her mother-in-law’s words and deeds?There is no problem with living apart from such a mother-in-law as long as possible.However, like zhengyang’s wife, she started to beat her mother-in-law, this attitude should be taken?The author thinks improper.Some friends said very well: we should not favor boys over girls, boys and girls are the inheritance of their own blood, there is no girl how to come children, there is no girl naturally there will be no boy.Many people believe that it is wrong for a daughter-in-law to hit her mother-in-law, who is an old woman and behind the young.For the elderly son preference, many people think that the daughter-in-law should do not hit her, ignore her, away from her, let her wake up and take care of their own children.My friend, what do you think you should do with a mother-in-law like that?

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