Top-level design policy support, guidance and cultivation 7 enterprises in Zhuhai were selected as the sixth batch of national single champions in manufacturing industry

“Our company research and development production of all-steel radial tire molding machine market share for three consecutive years, the world’s top three.Company’s products by domestic tire enterprises to choose application on 90% of the scale, exports more than 20 countries around the world, the company independent research and development of multiple equipment to fill the domestic blank, was awarded national science and technology progress award, national scientific and technological progress second prize, 2 times, six times, the provincial scientific and technological progress first prize, to the rise of the tire manufacturing industry in China and contributed to the expansion of globalization.”On February 25th, Wang Hongjun, deputy general manager of Saixiang Technology Co.,Ltd, proudly introduced to the reporters at the company’s assembly workshop.The pride of the employees of Saixiang company is once again demonstrated. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the sixth batch of national Manufacturing Individual Champion list.”As company with HuaHaiZhi hui technology Co., Ltd., HuaHaiQing Co., Ltd., booz energy equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Keyvia Electric Co., Ltd, Michael chemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin silver dragon prestressed material Co., Ltd., the six Tianjin enterprises successful listed in the final, become a national manufacturing single champion.Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology industrial policy and regulations department director introduced to reporters, manufacturing single champion refers to the long-term focus on some specific segment of the manufacturing product market, production technology or technology is the world’s leading, single product market share in the forefront of the world.The cultivation of single champion manufacturing enterprises has been incorporated into the national strategy of manufacturing power in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and is an important step in the gradient cultivation of high-quality enterprises.Our city since 2020, began to increase the intensity of manufacturing single champion gradient cultivation, and start the municipal manufacturing individual champions, currently we have nearly 100 companies to make national, municipal, municipal seed breed single champion gradient system, including 16 state-level, 53 municipal cultivation, 30 municipal seed breeding,Covering 12 key industrial chains in the city.The 7 enterprises selected this time are ranked first in the country in their respective segments, with strong innovation ability and high quality and efficiency. They are all key enterprises in the industrial chain of our city.The city’s efforts in gradient cultivation of the single manufacturing champion are reflected in top-level design, policy support and guidance.In 2021, the city will single champion cultivation work from the policy level to the legislative level, in the first local laws and regulations to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in Tianjin to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in the creation of special provisions;To act as a policy support and guide, beginning in 2020, the zhuhai manufacturing single champion cultivation into intelligent manufacturing special funds to support policies, and continue to promote the policy implementation, strengthen the intelligent manufacturing of high quality enterprises developing policy of special stable cross, in 2021, the zhuhai quality enterprises to support the development of special funds of 103 million yuan, the project of 145;In order to improve the quality of manufacturing single champion cultivation, zhuhai will individual champions, specialization and industry chain, work closely with, such as the new “little giant” of the ministry of industry and key areas, the industrial chain as the gripper, guide more national specialization, new “little giant” enterprises grow up as soon as possible for the national individual champions, boost the manufacturing high quality development in zhuhai.(Reporter Wu Qiaojun)

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