A 28-point turnaround, Nash on two near-misses, Thomas on a shutout, and two new players on a rampage

No giant wins!The Nets are an example of what it means to be a citizen.This lineup is the true champion!With Kyrie, Simmons and Durant back, this nets team will be as good as any in the league.Game against New York knicks, nets team downturn in the first half, especially the team outside sluice mills is 7 0, but in the second half, nets universal soldier, finally completed the blockbuster reversal, 28 points directly, especially in the last section, the nets people is under the guidance of Thomas and small garage with a wave of 16:0,Even Kevin Durant jumped from the bench.But for this game, I think Nash’s two plays directly stunned me, can say Nash almost become the brooklyn nets sinner!Jevon Carter was brought in late in the third quarter, just as the Nets were closing, and jevon Carter made a turnover that sent the Nets down by 14 going into the fourth quarter.The other was a bizarre timeout that tied the score on a Thomas shot in the middle of the Nets’ surge. The Knicks were down 14 points in a row, thibodeau didn’t call a timeout, and Nash panicked and hit the button.And after the suspension of the opponent to come up again!Thanks to the steady play of Thomas and Curry, the team won the game.The nets’ victory was undoubtedly attributed to Thomas, especially his game-killing 3-pointer in the final seconds.And he hit multiple shots to save the Nets in the fourth quarter, finishing with 21 points, four rebounds and two assists.Of course, the other two winners were Steph Curry and Draymond.Curry finished with 20 points and six assists, making 7 of 14 field goals and 6 of 9 3-pointers.No problem the king of hit ratio!You know steph curry in the last game was also brilliant.As for Zhuang, he had 11 points and 19 rebounds, but he played only 22 minutes and his dominance in the paint gave the Nets a big advantage.Obviously steph, Simmons and Zhuang are very important for the Nets.Drummond has given the Nets an immediate boost inside, and Steph’s stability is what the Nets need because Irving and Durant need such outside help so badly.For Simmons, he doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses other than shooting. After all, his draft model was Lebron James.Obviously the Nets made a big deal!Harden suffered a 51-point blowout, and the Nets’ new addition, Tim, won two straight.This is a cruel and heartless comparison!When Durant and Irving return, the Nets will be back in contention!The Sixers with Harden and Embiid, I don’t think so!Of course, it would be great if Owen could be vaccinated!I believe that the boss of Tsai chongxin Tsai is also dealing with Irving, after all, the Nets also came to the best championship moment!28 points reversal, Nash almost become a sinner, Thomas god, two new reinforcements continue to go on a rampage!As a fan, do you think the Nets have a chance to win this season?Welcome message exchange!

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