According to a new policy proposed by the Ministry of Education, the end time of kindergartens will be later.

With the development of education, many new policies have been introduced. After-school delay service has solved the problem of picking up and dropping off many parents, but many precious mothers who need to pick up their children in kindergarten have encountered problems.In real life, the burden of supporting the family is on the father, so relatively speaking, the mother should pay more attention to the child.Now there are many families basically after the children go to primary school, the mother continues to go out to work.In many areas of Our country, the kindergarten school time is basically the same, generally speaking, it is more than three to five in the afternoon, parents can pick up their children home.Private kindergartens are more flexible, and some even delay the time by an hour or so to pick up their children for office workers.Nowadays, most office workers leave work around six o ‘clock, but if they have children, some units allow them to leave half an hour earlier.But in order to avoid conflict between career and family, many parents stay at home full time to take care of their children.The kindergarten provides after-school delay service, and the full-time bao Ma is very happy.According to a new policy proposed by the Ministry of Education, the end time of kindergartens will be later.We find that even highly educated women, many stay at home to take care of their babies full-time, which is a compromise to life, but also helpless to life.Although they can realize their value at home, but people still want to work hard in the workplace.Many stay-at-home mothers say that if primary and middle schools can offer after-school delay services, then kindergartens can too.Maybe these stay-at-home moms can get back to work.The Education bureau of Guiyang clarified that the start time of kindergartens has been adjusted to between 7:40 and 8:30.In the afternoon, the school should not end earlier than 5:30 p.m., which makes many stay-at-home mothers very happy.Although these adjustment hours have little impact, and there is a certain gap between them and after-school delayed service time of primary and secondary schools, they can help a large part of full-time precious mothers with economic difficulties to go out to find jobs.Although the regulation has not spread to the whole country, many baby mothers are hopeful and agree with the regulation, because the adjustment of kindergarten children’s school time to coincide with the parents’ work time, many baby mothers can go out to work.But there are also opponents, that is the preschool teacher.Preschool teacher’s work is very hard, reflected in the long working hours, the consumption of energy.So many preschool teachers basically eat young rice.Preschool teachers how to face kindergarten after school time is adjusted should first learn to accept.We found that no matter what aspect of education reform, the final pressure may be put on the teachers, for this aspect, the young teachers must strive to accept, for young teachers, to use their own time to cultivate the country’s children, this is very proud of things.The new adjustment will certainly make the kindergarten make a new plan.If all the teachers in a kindergarten say they are under too much pressure, then the kindergarten will definitely try to reduce the pressure on some teachers, such as increasing the number of teachers or adjusting the small class system again.The current education reform has affected everyone, and the kindergarten teachers who take care of young children have to shoulder more responsibilities.Now the threshold for young teachers is also constantly improving, I think the treatment can be improved in the future.So if you must love this job more, since you have chosen this job, you must have dedication.Kindergarten work is indeed very new, so now many parents are very understanding of kindergarten teachers, I believe that relevant departments will also pay attention to how to better protect the rights and interests of young teachers.Those who want to become preschool teachers must first improve their education background, because now there is a clear provision that only students with a college degree can apply for the preschool teacher stage of the teacher certificate.Nowadays, many parents are willing to work hard in order to give their children a better material life, but they neglect the education of love for their children.Although material education is very important for children, spiritual education should not be ignored either.We find that children who lack love grow up to be very rebellious.Because they were not taught to be grateful when they were growing up.While working hard, you should also fulfill your responsibilities as a parent.Although now everyone is very hard, there are families and children, but also to take care of the elderly.But this is the journey of life, only to give enough spiritual care to children, can let children smoothly into the school of higher education, the more parents pay attention to family education, the more benefits to children.The author’s message: although there is no comprehensive adjustment of the end time of kindergarten.But the cluster is sure to spread to many cities over time.Giving many parents time to work can reduce financial pressure on families.On this basis, parents must also pay attention to children’s family education.

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