Jiangsu Nantong: a netizen reports don’t car, processing!

Driving a motor vehicle on the road to keep yourself happy, comfortable mood, but there are always some “road rage” drivers easy to “get angry” whenever encountered “not pleasing to the eye” of the vehicle light will be crazy horn heavy “fight” other car!Such as…A netizen posted a video on the APP Douyin on March 17.Video shows a car stopping and moving on the road.The car suddenly accelerated when the car behind it was about to overtake.From the video, this car has other car behavior!After learning of the incident, the police promptly launched an investigation.On the basis of the investigation, the police found the involved vehicle driver and informant, and contact both sides to the Shuangdian police station traffic management squadron to accept the investigation.According to the “People’s Republic of China road traffic safety Law” article 90, “Jiangsu Province road traffic safety regulations” article 56 of the provisions, on March 20, the police imposed a fine of 100 yuan on the driver Jiang mou, 3 points.At the same time, the police on Jiang mou criticized education and urged both sides to reach an understanding.Article 90 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that a motor vehicle driver who violates the road traffic safety laws and regulations shall be punished with a warning or a fine of more than 20 yuan and less than 200 yuan.If this Law provides otherwise, punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the provisions.Article 57 A motor vehicle driver who commits one of the following acts shall be imposed a fine of 100 YUAN: (16) obstructing the passage of vehicles or pedestrians released when turning at the intersection.Police remind encounter malicious “don’t car” please timely alarm don’t get angry oh!Rudong Public Security Micro police Editor: WCQ

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