Lubricating oil purchase “three look” strategy

1. Look at the price.Whether cheap is really the factor that should be considered when buying lubricating oil, but if only the price is cheap, often buy inferior oil.Due to different purchase channels, the rental cost of the shop is low, and the price of the same brand lubricating oil supplied by the general auto parts shop is often lower than that of the special maintenance station.However, when there is a huge price difference, it is especially important to look carefully for fakes.However, the price of domestic lubricating oil is lower than that of imported goods, but the performance is similar.2, see precipitation.Now the quality of lubricating oil is “three no” products: no impurities, no suspended matter, no sediment, and the fluidity is quite good when shaking.Because “old-fashioned” lubricants are lubricated by film, thicker lubricants work better because the thicker the film, the thicker the viscosity.But high viscosity lubricating oil low temperature start and pump poor, after starting the oil speed is slow.Today’s high-grade lubricating oil products contain additives, low viscosity, so it is easy to flow when shaking.Lubricating oil viscosity is reduced, resistance is reduced, easy to start, less energy consumption.3. Look at the package.The lubricating oil produced by regular manufacturers is very exquisite packaging, the plastic bottle of lubricating oil is generally designed very beautiful, the sealing of brand products is one-time cover, and there are special anti-counterfeit marks on some sealing tinfoil.If the package is simply designed but bears the brand name, it is probably a fake.If the surface of the plastic bottle containing lubricating oil has oil leakage, it is that the production unit is shoddily made, the quality of oil will not be good.

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