Stair step width is general how many

If it is a residential staircase, the height of the steps should be controlled in 18cm, the width should be controlled in 25cm.If the height of the school stairs is 15cm and the width is 26cm.If it is a staircase in a public place, the height of the steps should be controlled at 16cm and the width should be 28cm.The building stair stepping height is 17cm, the width is controlled in 26cm.What should be paid attention to in stair installation?1. When indoor installation stair, want to match with indoor decorate style photograph not only, assure the specification of stair and indoor concern not much even.The premise that installs stair is to measure the dimension of good stair, such installation won’t be simple and rough, performance is met stronger, use also can be safer.2. The installation of stairs has a greater relationship with the type of the house.When installing small stairs, lean against the wall as far as possible, so can save a lot of space, let a person look more comfortable.When the interior space is relatively large, the curved staircase is also very good, the overall look is more luxurious.3 if the decoration of the stairs is relatively simple, then when choosing the stairs, it is necessary to remove the wardrobe.This will also make the interior more transparent and the overall look more comfortable.The steel pipe on the ladder can also be removed and replaced. The glass structure also makes the room more ventilated and ensures the comfort of the room.Remind everybody, when installing stair, must ask professional construction personnel to go measuring, design and installation, because they can undertake design according to spot requirement, there will be bigger safeguard in safe performance so.

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