Which is more harmful, washing your hair in the morning or at night?The more you wash your hair, the more it falls out?Early knowledge is early profit

# # Xia Fang health guidelines as people living standard rise, after solved the food and clothing problems, people pay more and more attention to their appearance, also belongs to natural person looks like, but it can be improved by the day after tomorrow looks clean, whether to meet with leaders, or with their family, friends, image is very important to clean and relaxed, more able to increase the charm of a lot of value,It can also ensure a smoother and more comfortable communication with people.But there is a problem has been plaguing many women, that is the hair cleaning, different from men, women’s hair is mostly long, which is more difficult to manage, coupled with the fast-paced life, leading to many women have some sub-health problems, hair state is also more and more greasy, dry, hairy.Because early to go to work, so, a lot of women will choose to wash their hair in the evening, the network has spread a lot of harmful to health about washing their hair in the evening, but there are some disadvantages in the morning, so, what kind of argument is more based on?When is the best time to wash your hair?Which is more harmful, washing your hair in the morning or at night?After getting up in the morning, the body is still in a state of recovery, this time if you can stimulate your nerves, natural is the best, because it can help yourself awake.However, we need to pay attention to that, get up in the morning to wash your hair, there are some potential hazards, if you do not pay attention to, it is easy to attract trouble.For example, some people like to wash their face with cold water in the morning, and then wash their hair with cold water, which is certainly not desirable, because the stimulation of cold water on the scalp is too big, will cause vasoconstriction, which will cause adverse effects on scalp blood supply.So, if everybody is determined to get up in the morning after shampoo, so the suggestion to everybody is, had better wash with warm water, such water temperature is most close to scalp, and also won’t bring influence to blood vessel, time choice is in the morning 9 to 10 o ‘clock shampoo is the most appropriate.Wash hair job in the evening a day, fatigue cannot bear, human body fights the ability of resist disease to reduce, wash hair in the evening, did not wipe dry again, make moisture detain at scalp, night and condense, grow this to bring about qi stagnation blood silt, meridian block is closed, yu disease becomes sufferer.If in winter, cold dampness, more suffers from, disease suffer from beginning, partial scalp have numbness, top head might see, with continuous ache or shampoo after the second day early in the morning, have a headache pins and needles, and easy to catch a cold, the year late month is long, the top of the head top obviously numb, gradually with dizziness have a headache, it is also a clinical one of the main causes of a large number of patients with chronic headaches.If you do wash your hair at night, it’s recommended to do it 2 hours before bed to allow your hair to dry.
Does it get worse with washing?Washing your hair “every day” can cause hair loss!If the reason of life or work, such as working in heavy physical activity or high temperature environment, or working in dust environment, sweat secretion and dust exposure will lead to hair pollution, need to take a bath or wash your hair every day.The rest of the case, it is not recommended to wash the hair everyday commonly, because frequent shampoo is not conducive to the health of the hair.As the metabolism of human body, scalp cell also has normal metabolism time, everyday shampoo can bring about horny hyperplasia abnormal cause take off scurf phenomenon, also can affect the nutrition of hair at the same time, cause hair dry, bring about trichomadesis.So it’s not recommended to wash your hair every day, just three to four times a week, or once every other day.”What else should I pay attention to when washing my hair?1. Wash your hair three to four times a week.2, in the outdoor work for a long time and mental workers, can appropriately increase the number of hair washing, in addition to often comb, promote blood circulation;3. People who have the habit of washing their hair at night should try to change the habit of washing their hair at night. Secondly, they should dry their hair after washing, or blow dry it with a hair dryer to ensure that it is clean, easy and healthy.4, shampoo every day not only can not protect the hair, but also may cause damage to the hair.Because washing hair too often will be sebaceous glands secreted grease thoroughly washed off, scalp and hair lost the natural protective film, but adverse to the health of the hair;5, for oily hair people in the choice of shampoo as far as possible to cheaper shampoo, cheap shampoo on oily hair is more conducive to the cycle of the hair sequence.

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