1-year-old boy wins an “ice Dwen Dwen”

Laughing and falling down, laughing and climbing up…Two days ago, in the short film “Future Champions” for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, cute scenes of children playing on the ice and snow were even more adorable. In the short film, a 1-year-old boy and a dog skiing together were even more adorable.She can’t even walk, but she can stand on the skis for just a few days. Her cute and cool appearance has prompted netizens to call her “so cute!Future skiers “let mother ms van surprise this video also attracted the attention of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony director team they invite beibei in short films” directors staff contact me said that zhang yimou has seen beibei ski video can behave children feel very lovely very ski enthusiasm and they want to take short subject apt “fei said msThe footage in the short film was shot at a ski resort in Chongli, Hebei province in December last year. It took about one day for Beibei, who was very young, to face the shooting. “The shooting went well that day, although it was very cold,It was nearly 20 degrees below zero, but Beibei did not cry, nor was she afraid or scared. “Because of her excellent skiing performance, the ski resort even gave Beibei a lovely ice pier on her birthday to praise the” future champion”

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