For the first time, new land-sea freight trains in western Sichuan have started to run in all four places

The picture shows the new railway train from Zigong to Bangkok in western Sichuan.Sichuan Land and Sea New Channel Development Co., LTD. The picture shows the west Sichuan Land and sea new channel train from Zigong to Bangkok.Chengdu, April 8 (Wang Peng) The reporter learned from sichuan Land and Sea new channel development Co., LTD., the west of Sichuan land and sea new channel train for the first time on that day in Sichuan province, four places at the same time.On the morning of August 8, the new land-Sea railway train of western Sichuan with unified brand and coordinated operation simultaneously departed from Chengdu (Shuangliu), Zigong, Guangyuan and Suining. Aluminum products, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, chemical products, food and daily necessities and other “Sichuan goods” gathered in Chengdu, southern, northern and eastern Sichuan respectively.Trains loaded with Sichuan goods will be transported to Qinzhou in Guangxi, Vientiane in Laos, Bangkok in Thailand, Haiphong in Vietnam and Jakarta in Indonesia through rail-sea combined transportation.The china-Laos international train, which departed from chengdu (Shuangliu) Air Rail International Port, carried locally produced machinery and equipment, agricultural supplies and other products worth nearly 6 million yuan.At present, the Chengdu (Shuangliu)- Vientiane China-Laos international freight train has gradually realized the regular operation of three to four trains per week round trip.(chengdu shuangliu) empty tin international intermodal port by giving full play to the advantages of “air + rail” comprehensive, via boten to vientiane tongda Bangkok, have been completed in Rangoon, phnom penh, such as southeast Asia hinterland, radiation for the qinzhou port transportation in southeast Asia, the pan-asian, via huang xu to ala shan kou, huoerguos exit to Europe and other multiple multimodal transport channel,The construction of “air, rail, highway and sea” multi-modal transportation “gathering, transportation and transportation” center is of great significance for Chengdu to build an international comprehensive transportation hub city.The picture shows the China-Laos international freight train from Chengdu (Shuangliu) Air Rail International Intermodal port.Lu Haixin channel development co., LTD., sichuan province for the figure on the same day, a list of the total value of nearly 1 million yuan, weight of 105 tons, a welding rod, welding powder, full of zigong enterprise production of alkali-free glass fiber chopped strand mat international trains from zigong south station, will arrive by the western Lu Haixin channel by the qinzhou port in Bangkok, Thailand, Vietnam haiphong, Jakarta, Indonesia.The train will further facilitate the southward trade of zigong, an old industrial city, and expand southward international production capacity cooperation.Western Lu Haixin from guangyuan international railway port channel trains is guangyuan operation of the first international trains, main carriage by states, guangyuan in guangyuan city economic and technological development zone, the production of wheel hub, food and beverage products, such as trains will arrive via qinzhou port through western Lu Haixin channels of southeast Asian nations, marks the guangyuan through the direct shipping out a new channel of the beibu gulf.The freight train of western Sichuan Land-Sea New channel sent from western Railway Logistics Park of Suining High-tech Zone is supplied with fertilizer produced by local enterprises in Suining, Sichuan province, weighing nearly 1,000 tons and worth nearly 3 million yuan. It will be exported to Southeast Asian countries through Qinzhou port.It marks a new step for Suining to accelerate the construction of the multimodal transport system of the southward international logistics channel in central Sichuan and open to the outside world to a higher level.Lu Haixin channel development co., LTD., the responsible person of sichuan province, sichuan province in western Lu Haixin channel trains four qi, to set up sichuan WuMao global service network and strengthening the construction of the channel coordination, speed up the sichuan brand, innovation operation mode, sharing operation platform etc have important guidance and coordination.Sichuan province Lu Haixin channel development co., LTD., established in January 2022, chengdu by ports in sichuan province investment group and China railway bureau group co., LTD., guangxi beibu gulf port group to set up a joint international, is a high level to build the western Lu Haixin channels, promote the development of high quality WuMao industry epicenter of cross-regional cooperation platform.Source:

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